Regret picking up smoking and now I couldn’t stop

Really regretted picking up smoking/nicotine 9 months ago.Now it’s really hard for me to beat the addiction,I take olanzapine,but it doesn’t really help with smoking cessation.Anyone here still smoking or vaping?Mind sharing your thoughts and experience with smoking?

Is it alright to smoke?I am using 4-5 sticks a day

What about chantix?

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I’m about to see a regular doctor for Chantix.
I’ve tried everything else.
Nicotine is a nasty drug.
I hope you can quit smoking.


Yeah champix is worth a shot. Only way I could have given up and it was an easy thing to do. Nicotine really is an isidious drug. Getting off of cigarettes is so good for your health!

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I guess I will always crave a cigarette. I know it would be all over if I even smoked just one. very hooky habit to break.

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I smoke since a year and nine months. I really just could quit with Tabex for two months, and then I got back into it. Now I vape since three months on a daily basis. I would just smoke tobacco if I wouldn’t have any liquid. I tried over twenty times to quit, and failed all the time. Now I stopped quitting. The mental part of quitting is too much right now for me to handle. I smoke between 40 to 50 cigarettes a day or 3 mg to 9 mg of nicotine in my liquid. I’m not ready to stay at 3 mg of nicotine. It’s a really bad addiction to have. And everything started with an urge.

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My parent was so happy to hear that I didn’t smoke for two weeks…but I relapse three days ago.I am sure they would be sad that I am still smoking.I am going to buy chantix tonight

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