On polarization and conflict

Continuing the discussion from This forum is feeding bad people:

So you disagree with undiagnosed people trolling us not being banned?

You want to see me banned don’t you?!

I don’t think it’s necessary to rehash an ongoing flamewar from a locked thread @Twang.


Why would I want to ban you?

No people should not be banned from here. Schizophrenia not only affects the victim, but the family, friends and even society as a whole. I am sure that everyone that is alive today knows someone affected by mental illness. This site should be open to all.


I would like to see you having a good day and posting positive things instead of being, angry, upset, and venting your frustration.

Suggestion: If you have a camera – any type of camera – I have an exercise for you. Spend half an hour walking outdoors. Find something beautiful or at least intriguing. Take a picture of it. Share it online. We’d live in a better world if more people took the time to share beauty and intrigue with others.


I sold my Minolta telephoto in 2004 along with a Remington m700 7mm magnum rifle. I don’t take photos and I don’t like posting them.