Arguing world view unhealthy

I find listening to people debate their world views on debate chatrooms can irritate me. How about you?

I think the classic athiest vs creationist debates are priceless.

I don’t really watch stuff like that anymore though.

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The atheists on Yahoo Answers are the most rude people on the planet. I have absolutely nothing against atheists in general but the ones on this site are just plain nasty.

Dude I get where they are coming from. Religion seems really dumb. It’s infuriating.

It’s more important to respect peoples freedom though. I’ve settled my qualms with all that.

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Weird example, but did you know the Unibomber was a part of a psychological experiment where his world view was constantly being criticized and under attack?

What are you talking about man? The dude hated society. He was doing it to himself. It’s odd how intelligence can be a totally incompatible thing with this world. his IQ was 140 to 160 or something

Look it up, he was a part of a psychological experiment that lasted several years if I am not mistaken.

You should find a source for that.

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Hi, yes I think that atheists get away with murder.

Keep pushing for us to be to be inspired by God’s word.

I’ll be dipped.

Out of all the other classmates though he’s the only one.

That’s pretty odd all around. That harvard would do that to its paying students.

So you making it ok without meds? is it much better or worse? I dont think I could talk my psychiatrist into going for that, considering I still hear voices.

Not that I am “forrced” to take meds, but there could be complications if I just quit on my own.

It gets better every day. Managed to quit smoking. Obsession are gone. In fact I have quite a bit of resistance to thinking I dislike. I can changed my focus pretty easily instead of it being like a magnet. That prevents a lot of discomfort and hallucinations.

Really though I’m just tricking myself into seeing the world the way I used to see it whether symptoms are there or not.

Telepathy seems hella real, I’ll say that much. But If you don’t focus on it your mind starts operating like its not there.

Time alone is what really did it. Gave my brain a chance to breath.

Voices come and go.

Are the “hallucinations” worse?

The content has changed a lot. It started getting supportive and then started disappearing.

It’s been such a long waiting game, and the wait isn’t over.

I’m going to go get a coffee.