War and peace the duality of schizophrenia

Split right down the middle, you behave as a different entity to yourself , 0ne for One place, another for a different place, One experiencing hell, another experiencing peace, all clouded in murky auditory imagined apparent confusion, as a result of no privacy.

Hate it. Hate it, Hate it.

Twilight zone bs

OK Fair enough.

I mean I’m stuck there too. I broadcast apparently. Constantly choking my mind to avoid all of the totally natural forms of human thought. Just so I don’t get assaulted by “telepathic” messages.

Absurdity. Twilight zone bs


Yes The Man PKD. Really empathic stuff.

All these old geezers trying to tell me how to live my life have no clue what I have accomplished with this brain & body (for whatever reason I have to deal with a lot of older men in my auditory experiences).

I chose a different path in life and am more open to experiences than previous generations… whether or not I am righteous or unrighteous is none of their business. That’s is God’s territory and I am sick of these old men trying to play God within the domain of my mind. Whether they’re real or not doesn’t matter, I want to erase them from my living experience.

Use it I’d say for a while!

Anger is useless in my opinion in reality for my problem.