I have had enough

I participate in a general purpose forum for healthy people,
and there are a lot of trolls there, particularly in the sexual realm,
various sexual deviations, and I hate it.
I have to find myself a different place.


Hello Erez…

Hope you doing fine and hanging In there man.


Don’t worry, you can take refuge here, it’s safer than heaven (when I’m not around…). :slight_smile:


Every social site that is not moderated will likely be like that.

Even the ones that are primarily user moderated can be that way if no one ever flags anything.

The mods here do very well. So… post what ever you had on that site here, but maybe on The Lounge section??

I dont think they would care as long as you act decent? but ask around about rules if it was something like a dating site.

(I dont think I ever read the rules of this site we are on now. Lol)

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@macy Not to belittle mods’ efforts but I think this forum is different and better mainly because schizophrenics are nice and kind people. :slight_smile:


It is interesting you say that.

I am not diagnosed as Sz, but i cant help but to think many people with anykind of severe MI have been through a lot of tough times in life.

I think it makes us more, idk, understanding and less judgemental? maybe?

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Thanks! I would say the people here are much more respectful than people in other places on the internet. We have our hands full, but most of our job is saying, “Hey, you offended someone,” and the person responding, “Oh gosh, I’m so sorry! Won’t happen again!”

I really appreciate how much everyone here works to be a positive part of the community.


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