Controversial or Off-topic section

There’s various legitimate topics that I’d like to discuss that could cause a lot of offense to other people on the site. Politics, religion, morality, eugenics, euthanasia, etc.

It would be cool if there was an area dedicated to to off-topic or controversial topics that could trigger other people, so they would opt out of seeing that area if they wanted.

Does this already exist and I’m just not aware of it?


Like a shark tank?

Exactly! :smile:

I love the idea… but I expect szAdmin would be stretching his neck over a chopping block of potential litigation if he did that. We’re not the best at handling intense controversy… and some might tip over into extreme depression, anxiety, mania or suicidality.


but that should be inspiring…

Eugenics and euthanasia are confirmed triggers for at least four users here. Two of them regularly wind up with posting bans for going too far on those topics. Not good things to discuss here. Would rather see those topics explored elsewhere. Plenty of places on the Net where people can have it out about those things without winding up people here who don’t need to be wound up.

My 2 cents as user and volunteer moderator.



Eugenics is a confirmed trigger for me so make that 5.

Perhaps it’s my paranoia but I would question why relatively new members are pushing for something that could very well pollute the atmosphere here.
If those new members want a venue for controversial topics then I would recommend the " your two pence worth" forum at


I agree triggering sucks.

Its like in some instances I get interested in a paranoid theory somebody is talking about and I kinda slide into my own delusion.

I was on this marijuana growers forum years ago that had so many people talking trash to each other just for fun that they started a section where you could say anything so people with philosophical idea’s would congregate there.

The eventually changed the site name and didn’t bring the “TANK” with it.

Thats what they called it the “shark tank”.

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