On Clozapine


I’m basically on Clozapine now. Talked to my case manager and she will talk to the doctor. I just have to do a blood test for my white blood cells. I think I’ll pass. You were right @GrayBear about how often I will have to get my blood tested. I guess I will have to talk to my former roommate about why he was getting a shot so often for so long on Clozapine. The Clozapine did help him, but he had mini freakouts every month or so. Kinda like a panic attack. I’m a little worried about that.

My case manager said all the peer specialists were on Clozapine and it is the gold standard med for schizophrenia. Might as well give it a shot. Thanks to everyone who helped me.


Nice I hope it works and you get some relief


I hope it works out for you! It’s been amazing for me :slight_smile:


What symptoms do you still have, while on Clozapine?


Good luck @TheBest with the Clozapine. Hope it works out well for you.


I haven’t started it yet. In the next few days I will though. Possibly I may wait till next monday to get my blood tested so I could start after that.


No blood, no drug. They will not release the med from the pharmacy until they get your blood test done and results come back. So if you don’t get your blood drawn, you will most likely have to start all over again


I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks.


Good luck with it :sunny:


Just some anxiety, but that’s about it :slight_smile:


Inform us about side effects etc. I am really thinking about it.


I will keep you updated @Om_Sadasiva


I found out I can give blood at a supermarket that is a mile and a half a way from me so it won’t be that bad.


One side effect that I could live without is the drooling in your sleep. I have multiple pillows, so I can switch it when it is completely soaked.:drooling_face:


I’ve drooled a lot before with Risperidone. Hopefully that doesn’t mean I will drool a lot. Hopefully I don’t do it very much.


Haha, I have the same problem! :joy:


My psychiatrist asked me if I ever tried Clozapine. I’ve seen a video on someone who it helped despite other medicines failing. Let us know if it works!