Doctors going to talk to me tomorow about clozapine

Im kinda scared of this drug but i think i may need it, im on high dose risperdal and still experianceing symptoms every now and then, I just got out of hospital a few weeks ago and now there going to talk to me tomorow about going on clozapine. Please someone on clozapine give me some hope that this drug isnt that bad :smiley:.

It takes a lot of dedication because of the blood tests. But, in my opinion it is great. :frog::frog::frog:

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did you notice any change in negative symtoms too? even slightly?

For me it had taken care of my positive symptoms. I still have negative symptoms. :mouse::mouse::mouse:

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Ok good to know :slight_smile:

In my case it didn’t help with my positive symptoms. Also, I slept all the time and drooled in my sleep.


Oh yeah forgot about the drooling. That part does suck. You can get drops for your tongue to help though. :turkey::turkey::turkey:

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what are the drops called? so i can ask

i hope it doent fail for me like it did with you D:

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Atropine sulfate :ram::ram::ram:

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For me clozaril was. just another drug. Hard to wake up in morning. Yes, drooling, shakey handwriting. I could sit still in small group of people. Improved quality of life after the old drugs.


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I have a friend who takes clozapine and absolutely loves it. She had no luck with any of the others, and it really gave her her life back. Her only side effect is that she sleeps 12 hours a day. The other 12, though, she’s very energetic and focused on her work, family, and other goals. She also lost all the weight from other meds. Make sure you do the blood tests, but don’t fret over them.

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I’m not trying to be funny here but how do you work or get a lot done when you need 12 hours of sleep?

She is just very productive for the other 12 hours of the day.

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Been taking clozapine since 6 years, it totally destroys psychosis but i still have cognitive deficits. But i did gained weight though.

Never had low blood counts, been doing tests monthly ever since i have been on clozapine

I get by on clozapine but it’s for me not the wonder drug they raved about I still get positive symptoms however I get out and about I can do volunteer work

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Clozapine helped my very talented sza friend to get back on track. She’s gonna try and get back to college and finish and get a job at a tech company.