(Old batch of) Glycine worsened my symptoms

Hello, this will be my first post on this forum. I have browsed here a long time and signed up a year or two ago but was unable to fully sign up due to a forum bug.
I bought glycine for sleep reasons and then forgot about it and left it in my closet for half a year in a bulk powder bag. Then I began taking it again at 1-2 grams and it tasted pretty much the same as it usually does - very mild sweetness.

Anyway, I became a bit paranoid and my “pseudohallucinations” were greatly worsened.
I then gave the remaining batch to my old schizotypal relative and he experienced nothing (he always claims to feel nothing from everything he takes).
I never had any issues with taking high dosages of glycine until this time.

Has anyone had this odd reaction?

That’s very odd, Glycine is just an amino acid and is found in great quantities in food, I’ve never heard of it turning into something else but maybe it decomposed into another substance. You might want to try sarcosine instead, it is much more powerful than glycine and all it takes is 1-2 grams for it to have a strong effect. It has nearly miraculously cured me of my negative symptoms.


If it was that old, maybe it just went bad.

only Glycine from vital nutrients is the real deal lookup

ILadvocate Glycine and Dr. Javitt

Yes, I’ve tried sarcosine. I’ve tried D-aspartic acid together with sarcosine and alone, pregnenolone (high and low dosages), acetyl-cysteine, theanine, and several other things that I’ve forgotten.

Theanine works well for my pseudohallucinations but it only works for its short half-life which is around 3 hours, and I’m afraid to take theanine more than once due to its gabaergic effects that causes me to become spaced out and have all sorts of issues - at least I think it’s the gabaergic neurotransmission. I don’t think pregnenolone works, most schizophrenics don’t find that it works although theoretically it should work the best of all these things. Pregnenolone’s serotonin receptor affinities makes it awful for me to take. Acetyl-cysteine I don’t like either for several reasons, one being its awful activation of the mglur5 receptor at higher dosages.

I remember sarcosine and d-aspartic acid not doing anything for my social withdrawal, though I’ve always been socially withdrawn (whereas in classic schizophrenia it begins in teenage years) so it’s possible that my social withdrawal is not caused by the same thing which causes my pseudohallucinations (difficult to tell, I have reasons to believe both things). I also remember sarcosine and d-aspartic acid at least not doing much for emotions. They may brighten emotions but they don’t restore a full range of them, and that’s strongly linked with social withdrawal.
Most schizophrenics I’ve talked to who respond to glutamate agonism don’t find remission from their negative symptoms like short range of emotions, though things like flat affect (or whatever the terminology is) does lessen or subside. I will soon make a thread on the subject of negative symptoms because I have a lot of questions for those who’ve tried certain medications.

Anyway, for me the issue with sarcosine is the lack of availability. It’s almost like trying to find a supplier for an illegal drug. Even if it’s legal to import into the EU I still find it to be so problematic… and it’s not as cheap as it should be. I could potentially buy it from China at almost no price but the EU is very strict regarding anything from China and will most likely seize it for some “testing”. By the time I get the product it’s been a waste of my time and money.

I just ordered some sarcosine to test it again and as I wrote in the official sarcosine thread just minutes ago, it seems to have worsened my pseudohallucinations instead of improving them - it didn’t do that last time I tried it. This is really bizarre, especially as magnesium also does this while magnesium is an nmda antagonist.

I wonder if this supplementation fashion in SZ is simply charlatanism like the very popular radioactive medications during the 20’s and 30’s which killed many people.

If you read the scientific literature and understand it the slightest then you will find that it is not at all just a sales pitch or a fad or whatever

It just came to me. It’s not only glycine (and possibly sarcosine) but also a high quality fish oil supplement, which slightly worsened my pseudohallucinations once. Even Risperidone seems to have done so - what the heck?? My symptoms are so paradoxical.

Yes radioactive water could easily kill you, I can’t believe they got away with sellling this!