Olanzapine making me fatter

I’m getting a little concerned. I’m taking 10mg olanzapine and I heard its a med notorious for weight gain. My husband says I am definitely picking up weight. Recently I had to remove my wedding ring because it was getting too tight, even my fingers are getting fat! I’m still in good shape but I’m wondering where it will all end… My husband says I must cut down on my big bowls of pasta I eat nearly every day. Boo! I never had to watch my weight before now suddenly it seems I must join the diet seekers! :smile: Anyone on here taking olanzapine and also noticing a big change in their weight?

Former Zyprexa/Olanzapine user. I stopped weighing myself when I hit 350 lbs, but I still went up a few waist sizes. I generally try to avoid telling people here what meds they should take, but this one is so dangerous in terms of weight gain and diabetes risk (have that now, too), I think you should run screaming in the other direction from it. I also personally think that every single person involved in developing it should be jailed and their property seized and sold for restitution to whoever got stuck taking this Devil Pill.

STILL haven’t lost all the weight I put on because of it. MISERABLE ■■■■■■■ drug.


I think I gained weight on olanzapine but fatter now on clozaril
There’s no other way than to change your eating habits not drastically though and of course a form of exercise

It made me gain about 20 kilograms and I ended up with diabetes. I switched to Abilify for the past three years but was unable to loose the weight I gained from Olanzapine. It’s a very good drug for positive symptoms but you should really watch your diet while on it.

The only reason I was put on it is because I had depression. I don’t know why the pdoc didn’t put me on an antidepressant instead. And he insisted I just take one med not two so he took me off amisulpride which was a really good med for my positive symptoms. It seems he is just playing around with me. What is wrong with taking two meds in a combination that really works?

im on 15mg of zyprexa and gained a lot of weight

I’m on Geodon + Effexor for help with negative symptoms, but more as a mood stabilizer. I don’t go snapperhead as often.


When I was on Olanzapine I craved sugar and I slept a lot. I was also mildly depressed. It did control my symptoms, though.



Ever see their logo? It seems inside every thin person is a fat person waiting to get out!


LOL Jayster, that’s a good one! :smile:

Zyprexa has made me gain a few pounds but not much. I think I’m one of the lucky ones and I’m really happy with it. I’m on 7.5mg. Was previously on abilify which made me gain weight, throw up feel sick most the time.