I got prescribed this today, does anyone else take it? With what results?

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It’s Zyprexa. It caused me to gain 16 pounds in 2 weeks. I’m off it now. But some people love it

I’ve been on it for 12 years with good results and no weight gain.

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That’s crazy! I’m sorry it made you gain all of that.

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I’ve been on it for I think about six months. I didn’t gain any weight from it. It screwed up my short term memory for about a month, and gave me a weird feeling I didn’t care for. Both of those things went away after a month, I don’t get those side effects anymore. Sometimes I have akathisia but it’s pretty mild. It’s my favorite AP so far, and something would have to go really, really wrong for me to consider switching to another one. My dose is 10 mg, I take it along with my 1000 mg of depakote each night.

My bloodwork recently came back pre-diabetic, not sure if it’s from the AP, but it’s definitely not from weight gain since I didn’t gain any weight. I was drinking 5-6 sodas per day the last six months, it’s a bad habit and my stepdad buys cases of it so it’s always on hand. I’m cutting that back to 2 a day in hopes that will drop my number. It could have just been age and sugar intake, I’m 35 and I’ve never shown up as pre-diabetic before despite my taking antipsychotics for the last ten years.

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I’ve been taking it for 4 years (10mg). It works well for my delusions. It did cause weight gain and I was per-diabetic for a while, both of these are now in hand.

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Interesting stuff

Forgive my laziness, but I am copying a reply I just put on another thread about Zyprexa -

I have been on Zyprexa since mid-March. I started at 5 mg, went to 10 mg, and then my pdoc and I discovered that 7.5 mg is my lowest effective dose. I’ve been on 7.5 mg for almost two months.

Even on 7.5 mg, my positive symptoms are completely controlled. I used to have breakthrough hallucinations on Haldol, and I haven’t had any on Zyprexa. It even controls what used to be disabling paranoia and delusions. I haven’t been troubled with anything.

I haven’t had diabetes, though I haven’t had bloodwork done since starting Zyprexa, but I feel fine. I don’t eat a lot of sweets.

I have lost 25 pounds since starting Zyprexa, by calorie counting between 1200-1400 calories per day. I was afraid of the weight gain, and I wanted to lose a significant amount I gained on previous APs, so I started off aggressively fighting weight gain. The Zyprexa has been limiting my appetite instead of stimulating it, so I am staying to a low calorie range with no problem.

Zyprexa has been my miracle drug. I am completely under control, and looking for a full-time job to get off disability. I don’t know who said 7.5 mg is not enough for sz, I am sza so maybe that makes a difference? Regardless, 7.5 mg works wonders for me!

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I was dx as diabetes 2 while on it. That reversed itself completely for like a decade until last year. I was taken off of Zyprexa when I was originally dx with diabetes 2.

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i took it almost 2 years and gained about 180 pounds, switched to a different med 3 months ago and have lost 40 of those pounds and hope to continue

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Weight gain seems to be a common issue with this drug. I’m going to have to control my diet.

Maybe count your carbs? I’m sure you’re smart enough to be able to. Just saying lol

@TheCanuk I was on Zyprexa in 1996-97 and I gained about 40 pounds back then. But this time, I started calorie counting from day one, and now I’ve lost 25 pounds. It is possible not to get the weight gain side effect if you’re careful. Don’t let it scare you off trying Zyprexa, just make sure you keep to a good diet and you’ll be okay.


Thanks guys 1515

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Works really, really well for me. I’ve lost weight on it but it’s a bit of a journey to do that.

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