Olanzapine for schizophrenia?

does anyone know whats the starting does for Olanzapine for schizphenia ?

i take 15mg of it…2.5mg---- 5mg—10mg and 15mg

In hospital they put me on 20 mg from start.

I know the minimum dose for risperidone is 2mg cause thats what I was told when I see the P doc. what about the minimum dose for olanzapine?

Usually 5mg to start. Ideal dose is 10, some take 15mg, I think I heard of someone taking 30mg if I am not mistaken.

My first anti psychotic was Olanzapine, I was put on 5mg to start with then 10mg, before having a break on other medications.

I was then put on 15mg after coming off Abilify!

I started at 2.5 mg and went to 5 mg - stayed on it at the 5 mg does for a short while - it did not do squat for me, but I was on a pretty low dose

me as well, 20mg olanzapine from start

I didn’t enjoy olanzapine.or feel any benefit on it. And I eat more on seroquel than I did on olanzapine but my seroquel dosage is pretty high.