Changing olanzapine does

I’ve reduced my onlazapine does from 10mg to 5mg because of side effects but I havent told any doctors yet. My question is how should I approach this issue with them and how are they likely to react?

I think 10mg is the minimum effective dose of Olanzapine for schizophrenia. 5mg is like being off meds.

I’ve looked it up 5mg is often effective as a maintenance does.

I just looked it up and got this

Schizophrenia in Adults

Taken orally

  • 5-10 mg per day initially; if necessary, may be titrated upward in increments of 5 mg per day at intervals greater than 1 week
  • Maintenance: 10-20 mg per day; not to exceed 20 mg per day

These are some of the results i find

Maintenance dose: 5 to 20 mg orally once a day

The recommended starting dose in adults is 15mg once a day as monotherapy and 10 mg once a day as combination therapy. Daily dosage (5-20 mg) should be adjusted in response to clinical assessment.

That doesn’t seem accurate.

Anyway best of luck with your decision.

Thank you. its going fine so far, fingers crossed it stays ok :crossed_fingers:

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I take 7.5 mg as a maintenance dose. Maybe you should wait until you can talk to your pdoc and compromise between 5 and 10 mg. I was on 10 and my pdoc wanted to see if 7.5 mg works just as well and it does. I have been on 7.5 mg since May and my positive symptoms are still completely under control. I am sza depressive type.

Good luck!

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I’m thinking about a switch of meds to Olanzapine. Could you tell me what kind of side effects you had from Olanzapine 10 mg.

By the way, a lot of people have been on 5 mg Olanzapine as a maintenance dose. Chordy is. Some of my Chinese friends are.

The last straw was that its the main suspect for some sexual problems, it also made me constantly hungry/prediabetic/gain wieght.

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I switched. Cannot stand the drug. There are other options out there.

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Yeah I’d be asking for a change of meds to something else. Plenty of choice these days but it is a lottery. Could work well. May not. Still. Worth a try and self adjusting your meds isn’t the way to do it. Get your doc onboard and get them to listen to your concerns.