Olanzapine dose

I took olanzapine 10 mg for 10 years. And I did not hospitalized until now for 12 years. I told my dotor that I feel
drowsy in the morning and dotor changed my dose of olanzapine 7.5mg. I feel good in the morning. But I feel little talkative. So I doubt my dose is lower. Because I heard the maintenance dose of olanzapine is from 10 mg to 20mg
But my current dose is lower than 10mg.
Is my dose OK? Are there anyone who takes lower than 10mg ?

I am on 7.5mg. It works well for me. I am not drowsy and have few side effects. 5mg was too low for me. 7.5 at night gives me a good night sleep

I am currently taking 5mg. I haven’t been on 10mg for 8-9 years. It works for me. The only big issue is that sleep is not good on 5mg. I have to take some supplements in conjunction with the meds to get decent sleep.

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If you ain’t talkative that’s a sign that the medication is working.

Bunch of rookies. I was on 40mg for almost 17 years, lol

According to the manufacturer 20mg is the maximum dose. Most of the people I’ve read about are taking 10ng and under.

The dose that is “OK” is the dose that works for YOU. Everyone is different.

If 5mg works for you then that is “OK”. if you need 10mg then that is “OK” too.

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I take 7.5 and it works well for me. It’s as low as I can go without too many breakthroughs.

I was on 7.5mg of olanzapine and I wasn’t stable.
I was only on it for a month though.

I mean that I feel more talkative than before changing dose.

I took olanzapine since 2005 until 2009. In 2005 my weight was 67 kg, in 2009 it was 95 kg. Now I take aripiprazole and my weight is about 70 kg. Also olanzapine caused me very disturbing obsessive thoughts.

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patients are different
some of them r severe cases and some rnt
so it depend on doctor evaluation to ur case
you may need 10mg olanzepine
so he give you the 10 mg
then he may he need to decrease dose
becoz of side effects , may be becoz too much meds r not good , so try to give you least effective dose , nd you learn to cope more and better
less meds mean less side effects and who like to experience side effects !!!

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Thats a sign that you have to take Care. The nearer I am on a severe psychosis the more talkative I get.

Thank you I will see my doctor and talk about my dose.