Olanzapin mono-therapy

Hi, who else is on Olanzapin monotherapy? I take 17,5 mg and I’m happy that I am only take this.
Greetings from Osnabrück

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I took olanzapine as monotherapy as well. But I gained a lot of weight and the medication was too powerful for me.

I think that 17,5 mg by days IS a little dose ? Have you gained weight gain with a such little dose ? On you IS clozapine better than others antipsychotics and why ?

17,5 mg isn’t a little dose. 5 mg for example is little. The max dose should be 20 mg.
I take it for over 15 years, have no weight problems.


I too took it as monotherapy about 12 years ago
It worked ok but yeah I gained lots of weight

Currently on 7.5mg. Taken it for about 17 years too.

It works good, but some bad side effects. Lack of motivation, weightgain, flat effect…

But I have tried things that didn’t work for me, so I guess it’s not so bad.