20mg Olanzapin

is here anybody else who also take 20mg Olanzapin, and how do you feel with it?
I’m feeling not bad. I only tremble a bit. I’m not very tired. It makes me calm.

Besides the fact is fuucked my metabolism for life, it was stronger than clozapine for me ! Insanely good at hitting those positives.

That’s exactly what I am on, 20 mg of Olanzapine. I think it works on reducing the delusions. I get a little tired sometimes when I have nothing to do. I seem to want about 11 hours of sleep. But overall I am pleased with it.

My mother is on it, it works very well for her delusions and insomnia but she get up at night to eat because it makes her hungry and has gained 10 kg.

Im on 20mg Olanzapine, sleep for 12 hours, gained a lot of weight. Other than that… It works!

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Same sideffects, but if its a good med, i dont know what to think.

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I was on 20mg for years but it eventually stopped working, I lowered my dose to 2.5mg and added Latuda. That combo works for me. When I lowered my dose I lost a lot of weight and my cholesterol is now normal, my blood sugar is much better too. It really helps me sleep and with my anxiety, but is useless for my positives now.


Its good, no symptom for me, at that stage youll just need to excersise, not to loose weight but to keep blood level at a good health.

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It worked well on my symptoms, but the weight gain was too much to tolerate

Also, it made me very tired, and my functioning was not that great because of this.

I was also on 20mg for two years

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I’ve been on 10 mg for 24 years. I started gaining weight when I stopped working out. I gained about 20 lbs but it fits my frame. I drink a lot of coffee to fight the tiredness. Any less then 10 hours sleep and I’m miserable. Sometimes I sleep 16 hours at a time. I can’t sleep without meds. I become a major insomniac. I’ll stay awake for days on end. Longest I stayed awake for was close to a week. I lost count after the 4th or 5th day.


I was skinny now have a little belly, i must have gained around 10 Kilos.

Less than 12 hours and im tired.

How long have you taken it for?

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6 years. Fifteen

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20mg made me sleepy and ravenous. It also did an excellent job of calming me down and getting rid of positive symptoms. After a few years of blood tests the doctor determined it made my triglycerides too high so I had to change.

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I’ve been on 20mg of Olanzapine since my hospitalization in September it gives me a bad tremor.


Welcome to the forum!

Welcome, I am fairly new to the forums too.

I take 15mg a day, with the option to take an extra 5mg if I feel symptoms breaking through.

I love it, my voices have gone from a crowd picking on me horribly, down to simple phrases, my name, not nearly as distressing as they used to be.

Main side effect is that I have to be very diligent about my weight, it can easily get out of control.

welcome to the forum @FairyClaire