Olanzapine 2.5 mgs Side Effects

Hello there, Hope you’re all having an okay day. Just wondered if any of you take 2.5 mg of Olanzapine and could tell me the side effects? I have a friend who may be going on it. Thanks for your assistance. Hippo


I’m on 5mg, which is a really small dose. The main side effect of this drug is weight gain. I put on about 15 pounds, but people on higher doses have reported weight gain as high as 100 pounds or more.

I’ve been taking the 5 mg for over two years now and haven’t gained more than the fifteen pounds, but everyone reacts differently.

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Yeah may make you hungrier than usual but it is a low dose. I take 7.5mgs and it works well for me. I live a good life and enjoy it. Not always easy on medications.


I took 2.5 and I just slept more. I couldn’t run as far also. I didn’t like it that much at the time but maybe it wasn’t that bad. My appetite increased. I was the hungriest on olanzapine.


I take 3.75. If I hadn’t been taking it I might have become underweight. No side effects that I can point to.

Olanzapine does raise blood sugar levels. So your friend might need check ups. Some people become diabetic even on low dose I think. Type 2. And might need to exercise to mitigate risk of it.

I heard a lot of side effects but risperdal had a ton too

weight gain
stiff joints
can’t be an elite athlete

Thanks for your replys😊.

I was on 40mg of Olanzapine for about 17 years.

It made me fat (240lbs), gave me diabetes, high blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides. I slept a lot and was tired and lerhargic during the day. When I quit about a year ago it gave me withdrawal insomnia that I’m still dealing with.

I really don’t like Olanzapine.

I’m on 60mg of Lurasidone now, much better med for me.

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Hi @LordHeadspark , thanks for your reply I have had the same problem with blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure and triglycerides on Haldol :frowning:. Has your blood sugar and cholesterol count gone down since you went on Laurasidone? Hippo

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You’re welcome @hippogal

Since quitting olanzapine I have lost about 80lbs. My triglycerides and cholesterol are normal. My last blood sugar A1C was 6.1 so “pre-diabetic” levels. My blood sugar over the last year or two has been between 6.1 and 6.5 so that is much better, for years when I was overweight my A1C was 8-9.

Lurasidone has been a wonder drug for me. I lost weight and all my health problems went away and it controls my psychosis 100% and no side effects up until a few months ago, the only downside is that after being on Lurasidone for about 2 years I developed akathisia so I take 75mg of Trazodone for that, works perfectly getting rid of my akathisia.

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@LordHeadspark congrats on your weight loss and improved health, Lurasidone sounds really good!

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I am on 5mg of Olanzapine and I eat normally so I didn’t gain too much weight.
It works good for delusions but it’s not a miracle. It doesn’t fix anxiety.
But I think everyone has different side effects.
I tried Aripiprazole. The anxiety was so strong I couldn’t leave the house.
Now it’s similar with Olanzapine.
Meds don’t work that well with me. But at least I remain calm on meds which is good.

On Olanzapine I get a lot of trouble waking up too. And if I stop taking it I get insomnia.

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It is for me!

But everyone is different, I’ve heard others complain about it on this forum.