Ok I can do this

I’ve got my day mapped out. I have almost all of my calories accounted for. I have 200 calories left over in case I get hungry and need a yogurt or a piece of fruit or something.

I’m having a Amy’s meal for breakfast 410 calories

I’m having a taco salad for lunch 590 calories

I’m having a veggie medley for dinner 208 calorie

and I should be good with a good walk out shopping and a nice little workout tonight for 30 minutes with my sister.

I can do this.

Did your doctor approve you eating so little? This kind of diet sort of sounds like setting yourself up for failure. 1200 is just not enough to survive on.

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1400, is what I’m shooting for

I find out Tuesday what the nutritionist wants me on, she may well set me higher, I don’t know.

Might be a good idea to wait and see what the nutritionist says before going into an extreme calorie deficit. when I went on a reduction plan, I wasn’t supposed to drop below 1600. I did anyways, going as low as 1400 most days and 1100 on extreme days. But I ended up having terrible mood swings because of me blood sugar being constantly low.

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okay, I was just going by what MyFitnessPal said, but you’re right a few more days won’t hurt anything as long as I stay away from McDonalds

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MyFitnessPal is a big fat liar. They make money off people feeling bad about themselves. The worse you feel, the more you use their product and the more money they make. Their business model reflects this.

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