Oh those delusions again

Do you ever have delusions that maybe you are not real and the world is just like a window you are looking into? I also have delusions that my friends and family arent real and I am really just alone.

I don’t actually have that feeling. I think mine are sort of the opposite. Mine will sometimes mix with a hallucination and then it gets really odd. My best example is the day that never happened. I had this great day with one of my younger brothers. We got along, we hung out, we even had a good chat. He then showed me how he learned how to float off the ground, and I was cool with that. But in reality he was out of town that day. But I could see him, hear him, smell his aftershave. I was really happy that we got along that day. But it never happened.

Thats interesting about the smells, I get that too.

You mean like this is really a mirror world made by yours truly, everyone else are holographic images to test our sense of right and wrong and log predictability?

Like I made the mirror kind of like through the looking glass(alice in wonderland)

The smell’s will come with a hard core hallucinations. I almost use it as a judge now. How bad is the hallucination? So bad I can smell it? Then it’s time to call for help. If I can’t smell it, I can ignore it or work around it.

KMD85, are you taking antipsychotic medication now?

Geodon 120 in the morning , 80 at night s
Abilify 5mg (trying to taper off)

I am not having these delusions now but i had them yesterday

Tanaka are you on medication?

Yes, I am on medication. The same as you Abilify 5 mg. I used to be on Geodon, which is a pretty good drug, but I couldn’t handle the side effects.

what side effects did you have? I switched from abilify because of weight gain.

Geodon made my heart race. But don’t let that stop you because it is a good drug. Everybody’s body chemistry is different. I was batshit crazy before geodon.

I was a mess before Geodon! I just hope i dont gain more weight. I gained 50lbs on abilify…

Geodon hasn’t done anything for me, on Thursday I’m going to ask my psychiatrist to put me back on Risperidone, at a higher dose. I’ll just live with the side effects, Geodon is also too expensive for me.

I just had a major crisis episode and almost landed back in hospital on Geodon. It was just like having NO meds at all. All those old non-medicated rabid symptoms beat me up this past month. I saw my doctor today in fact and I am back on Seroquel and Latuda. Thank goodness. I take my old familiar dose first thing tomorrow. I welcome the stability.

Geodon is sooo expensive its nuts. It is actually working really well and I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I just got over a really bad depression episode and it brought me out of it.

Oh thank goodness! I forgot to ask you how your appointment went, I’m really glad they have you back on your old meds. They seemed to be working well. I guess Geodon is just one of those tricky ones that either works great, or not at all.

I had that alot when I was a teen.


I’m SO glad that you and your family worked together with your doctor to come up with a med regimine that will help you!

Stability is close now…just be patient.



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