Reoccurence of previous delusions?

Hello. This is my first time on the forum. My question is for those who have gone off their medication before and once again had their symptoms afflict them. Do the same delusions take pace? For instance, if you once believe aliens were poisoning your food, do you once again believe this off medication? Do the same delusions persist throughout your life?

To give some background, I’ve started drinking alcohol recently and I noticed my past belief of telepathy has reoccurred. However, from reading other’s body language I can plainly see how the thoughts I believe I am perceiving of others correlate and align with reality. For instance, I was sitting next to a man in a waiting room and was keeping slight awareness of him. He paused for a moment and I felt the words strongly “Seating position” come to me in a flash. A second later he changed his seating position as if reacting to the words. Other things took place as well but they were more personal. I can see that there is some truth to this telepathy deal although I must admit last time when I was off medication I may have had no restraint and allowed myself to conjure thoughts to fill the gap for other’s place in the “conversation,” believing this took place all the time and resulting in true delusion.

I realize I should adhere to the doctor’s orders and not trifle with any substances while on my meds, which indeed I am taking. I’d just like to know the answer to the question in the first paragraph, if you would be so kind. You have my gratitude for doing so.

Yup. I went off Geodon and onto Latuda and oh boy, crazier than before. Delusions about being watched like that movie The Truman Show came back, and my hallucinations backed the delusions up. I told my family at dinner that I was working on a project with a girl and they all freaked out and started asking me all these questions, and my mom said “This is great! They’ll put it on tv!”

Same old ■■■■ from before. I still find myself getting a little delusional under certain circumstances, and its always the same delusions.

Hm, what a shame. I’ll have to be more careful. Thanks for the tip! Any other information and experiences will be beneficial as well, friends!

I have a persistent thing about kidnappers and when I’m lucid I’m not in a panic about them and I can logic this away. But when I got switched (actually opposite of mortimermouse) from Latuda to Geodon… Oh man, I was right there with the kidnappers again. I wasn’t thinking my sis was a bit late due to bad traffic, I was immediately panicking that I had to report a missing person.

In fact I have two delusions that have sunk in so deep they will NEVER leave me. I sort of use them as a gage on how I’m doing. One is the kidnappers, the other is rather benign but a sign none the less. If I THINK I’m doing Ok but I’m getting a little panicky and paranoid and that word… “kidnapper” comes into my head, I know it’s time to get some help, get out of the situation, go relax some where.

no. mine r gone once i stop believing in them. and they don’t return because i’ve seen through them.

The constant delusion that comes into my head when i’m psychotic is that my family or who ever i’m living with is trying to poison me. It’s so real because i’ll start to hallucinate that i smell and taste bug spray in the food.

you can use old ones, come up with new ones, or borrow from all over this site and other places on the web.
thing is we know what we are doing, we know it’s a barrelling highway of superfuel overrunning the river banks inside, you gotta point that somewhere, associate it with some kinda imagery, something to get excited about that would explain that supertanker exploding in your mind.

so i could see how common ones are that someone is watching me, had this coke head friend it was ridiculous the van outside was always white and it was always watching us, for all i care it’s watchin me to this day, hope it does cause i’m pretty funny, but that’s why i don’t have that one…

there’s the “i’m the messiah”, that’s kind of what i use in variations of to be the receptacle pool of my madness, if the volcano has to blow like that.

it’s like you can choose any delusion, the point is the volcano is blowing, and the whole delusion, with ideas in it, maybe people posioning your food, all that, just like a name we are putting on the volcano explosion, like it needed a name, maybe that’s our cover story, cause hey, it’s a mental explosion

you know i always wanted to acheive the one where the tv is talking to me and never really really quite did, came close a few times. i read alot though, and walk around in bookstores several hours many weeks, all over the san francisco bay area these days, a transplant from new york city, and i do see the universe talking to me through what i find and what i read in the bookstores, and i can chalk that up to pattern finding in the human mind, how it is gonna find patters that are and aren’t there, the more data you feed in to overload the better you can acheive that interesting gedanken or mental experiment that causes chemical changes in the brain.

i also know of one mental experiment that works the other way, you think this thought and you start to have a huge psychotic explosion as if you just overdosed on some kinda poison.

i do not think it is ethical to broadcast over the internet or in any form even person to person, so i’ll just keep that to myself. but when i was younger and stupider, i saw it. couple of times