Odd "symptoms" of schizophrenia

I don’t think that this is a disease, this is why.

When it began i started looking at the clock at three over and over again, no one could see this happening, this was right after seeing an alien one day. I also smelled a very deep burning during that time, it was sulfur, some shaman and people who see aliens smell sulfur sometimes.

Over the years it became other times, 3, 333, 1111, 111, 222, 444, 555, 616, 911. This happens so much there is absolutely no chance it is a coincidence.

I was also shocked by something while a face made of light appeared, it had fangs, no wonder that woman was talking about vampires on youtube.

I was even burned by something while another face made an appearance, the burning left two marks for awhile.

I have seen every principle thing in graham hancock’s video “angels, aliens, elves, and ayahuasca” video.

My sightings include a ufo, an alien, a ghost that looked human, a light being/i heard “sssshhhhhh” next to my head, shadow people, the infamous “pan”/a therianthrope/tumnus/half of a goat, a bus driver had elf ears, a large serpent made of light/very detailed, i heard a giant walking toward me, i saw snake/lion eyes staring at me.

And one time a guy who told me he was a black witch made me hallucinate/gave me a vision.

They talked about resurrection, shapeshifting(shamanic), weather being manipulated, souls inside of objects, and told me i would be tortured forever and ever. These are not beliefs of mine, they just started talking about them all by themselves one day.

A couple of instances during psychosis they would make a big fuss over things, i was outside a place and looked at it and they would draw attention to the word “SPIRITS” on the side of the building, when i looked at it it’s like someone was making a big fuss about that word. The same thing happened with a dragon on a game, whenever it would show up they would basically raise their hands and point and yell about it.

They have said very clearly different things, one thing was “we are talking to you right now. this is not you thinking to yourself, we are talking to you.” I was right in the middle of thinking that i might actually be crazy, i was considering that hey i might just have a messed up brain and then they said that.

In my not so humble opinion, im working on that, we are not sick at all. There are either spirits or people have found some really mind blowing technology that they are using poorly.

To sum up my idiocy i leave you with a scene from a movie, “the lost boys”, michael was in a cave with the vampires one fine evening having some chinese food and the head guy said “how are those maggots?” Michael said “huh?” He looked down and his rice was maggots. He was perplexed, he had just looked and saw very clearly that he was eating rice. The vampire made him hallucinate that he was eating maggots.

An instance of “schizophrenia” in hollywood movies, maybe we should go ask them whats wrong with us right?! Because they seem to be putting alot of my symptoms in movies these days, like the “fourth kind” movie, 3:33 they would come to people, there was levitating and channeling, they even sounded exactly like in my “dream” during psychosis. They were in there with me and i levitated toward them in it. This is why people think that they have nde’s, obe’s, abductions, and astral travelling, it’s like virtual reality in your head. Also exactly what a shaman “spirit walk” really is.

Coincidentally they also sounded like the shadow people from the movie “ghost”. Moaning and groaning wierd shyte.

I have a problem, but it isn’t schizophrenia, you could call it that if you defined it right though.


You sound very ill, I hope you find a treatment that helps you.

your having some super strong visual hallucinations…are you on any meds? Meds are known to help with those, although meds dont help as much with negative symptoms

those idea`s/thoughts where perfectly copied from my mind.

i see those numbers all the time on my clocks. 111 222 333 444, etc.
some say those are angels numbers, yet it could also mean that something is directing you
too look at the clock at those specific numbers

lost boys counterpart
you know when that dude has given the location of morpheus. he gets steak yet it isnt really there.
only an illusion yet he prefers it that way. ignorance can be a bliss sometimes.

i have seen ghosts, multiple eyes`s.

yet i try too think ■■■■ happens, we dont know what we are. the universe is soo old.
and there could be no universe in the first place.
i think there is an entity or entities with all the answhere`s yet we have no clue

Hey Pansdisease,

I too believe that we inhabit a world that is inspired, moved, influenced, and imbued with unseen forces and spirits. I hear voices all of the time, throughout the entire day. Sometimes they tell the truth, sometimes they do not. I also have had a similar experience with numbers, in which my thoughts or experiences have seemed to relate to the numbers in question (usually in the form of a time, e.g. 12:22, 2:22, 11:11 etc.) - although, I have since become a lot less reactionary to this experience and have learned to not take it so literal.

I went to see a shaman a while ago, whom I have since become very good friends with. He is the most remarkable man I know and I have nothing but respect for him. He too sees spirits, gnomes, hears voices all of the time, and I am sure experiences a host of other things in addition. Since my meetings and discussions with him, I have come to believe there is much more to the universe than is acknowledged within our modern worldview. And as such, I do not believe that I or other people that hear or see such things are necessarily “crazy”. Anyway, I hope that helps.

Here is a video done by an individual I used to listen to a lot. He apparently has astral projected spontaneously since he was a child, so he has some interesting things to share.

I hope your doing alright pansdisease. Take care. All the best.


I just wanted to add that one of the signs that a demon is present is the smell of sulfer. They can take many shapes and forms. I do believe in aliens, but sulfur is 100% a demon

Thank you for saying that, it most certainly is/was somebody.

I think that what we call “alien” is a demon actually, they are “tricksters”, one girl on here said they told her that they were actors.

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Real or not, that stuff sounds like it would make life quite interesting.

Pans disease…I have very similar experiences and on most days would agree with you… today lets not get kicked off this forum lol…simply put I feel ya, slang for i’m with you in your way of thinking… live as long as possible and try to enjoy as much of life as possible

No, it’s not really interesting.

Get kicked off the forum?

Angles of a pentagram: 72, 36, 108

36 / 3 = 12 / 3 = 4 / 3 = 1.33333333333

108 / 3 = 36 / 3 = 12 / 3 = 4 / 3 = 1.33333333333

Alot of my numbers come up when you mess around with the angles of the pentragram, an accident that im getting up repeatedly and looking at the clock at these numbers? Nope.

What you are talking about is called synchronicity. You noticed something and with the powers of ur attention and mindfulness you just convinced yourself to notice the clock at certain times. This can be done through repetitive behaviors, simply not paying attention to the world around you and zoning out or into it. The problem is that you aren’t realizing that this is a perception that is outside of you, working consistently in time without your influence.

You are not influencing the clock in any way. Hate to break it to you, but you are simply tuning into a coincidence and noticing it over and over again. That doesn’t mean that the mind isn’t intuitive, neither does the possibility that you aren’t influencing these numbers affect that the soul exists, it’s just that numbers catch your attention for a reason of frequency, by paying attention to anything you enhance its frequency.

It’s like Einstein’s theory of relativity. Space-time is relative to your perception, the closer you move toward anything the greater its gravitational pull. This counts for thoughts because thoughts are often treated as physical manifestations of biochemical brain activity. So you are drawing these numbers to your perception, but whether or not you can change a time-perception is debatable.

Another issue is getting carried away with thinking reality is completely subjective. reality is a combination of the subjective and the objective world coexisting. Our task is to decide which part is which.

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I’ve had odd symptoms recently. It happened at least four times that I moved into a room in the past 2 days and something went flying out.

It’s not been a gift at all.

Wow, I literally just posted a topic like this (about the numbers) not too long ago. The Synchronicity theory sounds good, but I don’t know a whole lot about it. What I’ve noticed is my numbers pop up with significant frequency when I start getting paranoid. Then they feed the paranoia because it’s just another unnatural pattern to latch onto.

u sound really ill. get some help hunni. xxx

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I don’t smell sulfur, and it’s not a common thing in SZ, the smell could be anything good or bad, I smell cow’s ■■■■ for example, or when the hallucination is a good one I smell and feel the taste of yummy food.

I would smell nasty odor, i would feel insects crawling on me, and all that is gone when i reduced my medication. Isn’t it interesting meds. Should prevent tactile hallucinations but high dose gives me those symptoms.

My numbers, 1111, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 616, 911.

Angles of a pentagram, 36, 72, 108.

616/36= 17.1111111111


666/108= 6.16666666666

So, when i saw an “alien” and began to have strange and horrible thoughts i started looking at the clock at three over and over again, this time became over the years 3, 333, 1111, 111, 222, 444, 555, 616, 911. I also saw a shadow person during that time.

I smelled the sulfur that shaman talk about and some people who see aliens and have other experiences talk about.

My second psychosis i saw “pan”, half of a goat, and i’ve seen others as well.

Now, i know i don’t have a disease although it would appear that way to others, and me thinks they can do this stuff without you even knowing also.

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Both are correct. Actually I dont think the technology is used poorly, as in - they know what they are doing. However, there are often poor results when people freak out, have mental problems, harm themselves or sometimes take their own lives because of it. that’s one of the parts that would fit the category of being used poorly…But remember you are dealing with experimentation so from a scientific outlook they allow for a failure rate. Not cool when you are dealing with people as you would animals…in fact I don’t even like much of the experimentation on animals.