Odd "symptoms" of schizophrenia

I am a french clock according to my shrink, he collects antique clocks and french clocks run very smoothly and accurately but require the most maintenance (I take 6 pills a day, perfectly timing each).

As for the obsession with numbers, you need some more meds.

Why would that be if the numbers are not causing any harm? many numbers such as were posted have symbolic meanings…they come to us as signs of things. 11;11 is one of the most prevalent in the past 10 years…

Appreciate it.

There is no way my clock thing is nobody or nothing.








Yeah, i start seeing aliens, hearing voices, being shocked, being burned, voices accurately predicting things, voices telling me where things are when i don’t know, cracking jokes using the time when i don’t know what time it is, voices telling me im a schizo in third grade when i had never even heard of it before, ufo’s, satyrs, shadow people, light beings, ghosts.

These things begin happening and i start looking at the clock at these times over and over again and i need more pills, and if i don’t take the pills they will kill me, but i need more pills.

No, what i need is to be left alone, and for justice be done, thats what i need.

And i forgot to mention the sulfur, after seeing the alien i smelled the sulfur they talk about to.

But i need more pills.

■■■■ earth.

Sounds as if you may be a TI - Targeted Individual. All part of an antichrist agenda, especially the things you experience and are being told.
The burning may be directed microwave beams… I know i’ve posted some of this before but its worth repeating:

there will always be people who don’t take us seriously. one expample is that many mental health professionals are convinced that any talk about mind control, stalking, harassment,comes from paranoid delusions.

Here are statements on the Mayo clinic website, and similar statements are made by many doctors and hospitals:

"Delusions. In paranoid schizophrenia, a common delusion is that you’re being singled out for harm. For instance, you may believe that the government is monitoring every move you make or that a co-worker is poisoning your lunch"
"Auditory hallucinations. An auditory hallucination is the perception of sound — usually voices — that no one else hears. The sounds may be a single voice or many voices. These voices may talk either to you or to each other. The voices are usually unpleasant. They may make ongoing criticisms of what you’re thinking or doing, or make cruel comments about your real or imagined faults. Voices may also command you to do things that can be harmful to yourself or to others. When you have paranoid schizophrenia, these voices seem real."

:Now, most TI’s will tell you that the experiences can involve both these things, especially if you have been exposed to Voice to Skull. I’ve never talked to any counselor about this stiff, but know a couple who have brought it up in therapy and mentioned the technology. The answer was that if the technology wasn’t in mainstream scientific reports it can’t be proven, and if it’s on the internet with only circumstantial evidence, that “People can post anything on the internet. It doesnt mean its true.”

I find this affidavit a good one when looking for any “official” validation, as well as reports on MK Ultra:

And reports like this, though it mainly deals with the use of drugs, it does show clandestine programs at work

I used to think why?

Then it hit me, there isn’t a reason, it’s madness.

We’re like apes in the forest, no reason at all.

I get the witch label too sometimes… even though I am a Christian. Because i deal with the spirit realm more than most people, church going people seem to think it’s evil. It’s not. It’s spirituality and Jesus himself talked to spirits and saw them.
I have pictures of spirits, other people have seen and heard spirits in this house. Out of 6 people who have lived here 5 out of 6 have had contact with spirits, some numerous times.
I lived in another house even more active than this. When a physical object disappears in front of your eyes, and 3 people all witness this happen, that is real. And the object was never found though a thorough search was done many times.
Other physical objects have been placed somewhere and then moved mysteriously, or objects will show up out of nowhere when there was nothing there before. And I’m not the only one witnessing this.

So, yes, spirit activity can definitely account for some of what is going on.

When I was 8 years old a fully 3D looking buffalo head appeared on my bed room wall. I freaked and ran to Mom. She thought I had a nightmare. I was awake. then i find out years later I’m part native American and a buffalo vision is a good sign!

“The buffalo represents a manifestation of the divine aspects of our being. The huge head of the Buffalo Brother signifies higher mental abilities that is grounded to Mother Earth by their tough bodies.
The buffalo teaches us how to eliminate our burdens by directing our energy in a balanced way.
the buffalo turns its head to face and stand firmly against raging storm. This quality reminds us to have courage and face problems head-on.”

When I was living on reservations and at times part of native spiritual gatherings, all this stuff came out, and it’s proven true. But Mom said it was a nightmare…Doctors would say it was a hallucination…

really now?

They usually only bother if you disrespect the land, or the house, or if they are related to anyone in the house if you disrespect them… a lot of them are earth spirits so you have to respect nature. And if they are old inhabitants of the land have to respect the land…which is interesting. Everyone who logged their whole land here is gone. I have not logged mine, and won’t. If anything I will cut a tree for firewood but haven’t even been doing that past couple years, no big trees.

Awe crap… :frowning:


I’ll take it as confirmation though because I was just researching some old stuff about someone who I think cast a demon spell…and I was reading through a bunch of old writings about hell and demons and stuff like that.
think I’ll go outside and get spiritually clean now…don’t want to read too much about that stuff…

Yeah, it’s demons, some scary ■■■■ to what they have done to me, i’ve been burnt to a crisp and whithered down to nothing.

gods of the earth.

the same ones telling everyone that there are alive dead people walking the earth, the dead sleep for awhile and are not conscious currently.

The people from the 1800’s died a long time ago.

Bad spirits pretend to be the dead apparently. Like identity theft.

I saw a “ghost” once, the demon pretended to be a dead person, even wearing very old type clothing.

Ghosts are real. I don’t understand why people say they are all demons. it’s an unbiblical teaching.
Sure, some ghosts may be demons impersonating people, but not all.
Deuteronomy 18 talks about necromancers and inquiring of the dead, saying not to do it.
King Saul is punished for having a witch call up the ghost of Samuel and he actually appears. Samuels ghost is mad at Saul for calling him and not god, then prophesies of Sauls demise, which later comes to pass.
Moses and Elijah appear at the transfiguration mount with jesus talking to him…While Elijah didn’t die but was taken up by chariots of fire, Moses had died in Mount Nebo and was buried there,
the disciples thought Jesus was a ghost when he walked on water and all Jesus said was “be not afraid, it is I” not “There are no such thing as ghosts, they are demons…”
So ghosts are real according to the Bible, it’s just we are not supposed to call upon them for hidden answers and stuff like mediums do…

Yes, what are called ghosts are real, but they aren’t dead people.

You shouldn’t necromance because you aren’t speaking to the dead at all, dead people are dead and you can’t speak to them, if you think you are then you are not.

The witch and demon with the witch gave saul a vision of samuel, same thing that happened to me, it was a hallucination caused by the spirit that was working with the witch, it wasn’t the actual guy, the actual guy was dead.

Moses and elijah, once again this was a vision, or hallucination if you want to call it that, they both died and were not ghosts. Elijah didn’t leave this life but was taken to another place on earth, that is until he was dead that is.

There are no living dead people, they sleep for now, if we think there is an alive dead person then there is not, it’s a trick performed for different unsavory reasons. When the reality winds up far greater than the lie would have.

These topics of study can cause more delusions, stress and anxiety. It’s okay if you can watch the movie/documentary and say, good point made and/or really good special effects but you are better off thinking this stuff is not real or the auditory/visual stuff gets really annoying. There is no such thing as ghosts. UFO don’t happen that often. Anything you see is fake.

Pagan beliefs for schizo victims do more harm than good.

A lot of people think what they are hearing is man-made to please wealthy abusers & profit makers through mental care/drugs. I met a woman who was bragging about hurting people and driving people nuts to feed to the family sex abusers. She had introduced me to her cousin/boyfriend immediately, then she tried to scare me about the man so badly she caused PTSD. Her other friends were kept for appearances or used by her sex abuser…she bragged about what her abuser did to these girls and even some horribly violent stuff. I went to the shrink after 4 days of insomnia and discovered the PTSD but the care was so bad, I suffered a nervous breakdown. The voices started on my 30th birthday in the company of this woman and it was her abuser talking to me saying he wanted a place to stay with me. This woman had no other purpose for anyone she met than to feed them to the family sex abuser, even men who didn’t want her went crazy for years…I have had nonstop voices since, medicated or not, for 10 years except for the time I spent working as 911 operator. (Some live/death jobs/govt are not bothered by voices much except insomnia.) Anyway, her abuser started to stalk me. I caught him and previous victims of this group leaving my home and contents were ruined repeatedly so I could not get an attorney. Contents were damaged in a previously threatened manner but police refused to help…I’ve had so many vandalisms, I could not keep the house as I wouldn’t be left alone…Friends of this bunch lived next door so it was best to leave if I wanted any relief. These bunch have bothered some for 30 years to feed the family sexual abusers, entertain them or torment new victims…The family came into a lot of money through a crooked business deal and no longer work…these guys bother people full-time, doing anything they want even bragging about cold case murders and the local cops refuse to do anything except threaten the victims. We are told it is perfectly legal to introduce around the family sexual abuser even if it got other women hurt badly (in another police jurisdiction on a trip so girl had no family around and harder to get cops involved) and unless you can produce photographic evidence of burglary, cops will do nothing about trespassers. Usually camera systems and burglar alarms are ruined…multiple house pets left roaming the neighborhood is not uncommon to get the point across or RX glasses taken. (Live a life with the basics to deal with this and keep the $$ in the bank or this will break you). You can try using your local stalking laws for a restraining order but it costs big $$, requires attorney assistance which is not available to poor with this story in many cities and cops will even let a stalker drive your neighborhood without legitimate reasons if you have a restraining order against someone. It’s useless…You have to ignore this crap and hope they get bored. Friends have this story. Several shacked up with some guy or married when this started as they were dating someone nice and you start to get approached by all kinds of nutty men/women who will play you bad/beat you/cheat or ruin you. The friends who shacked up, had less gang stalking (read on) while out in public in another persons’ company and the trespassing was less frequent…some abusers will stop too. It is very hip among the rich to drive crazy ex-wives so they cannot support themselves, force unwilling mistresses and ruin business/college rivals with mental illness.

I’ve been approached by many strangers since the nervous breakdown who are talking to themselves aloud and even called me by name and told me where I had been earlier in the day or what I was currently thinking about like mocking me…Some on this board have admitted they deal with the schizo by following orders from the voices to harass specific strangers about something private, trespass, vandalize stuff, harass coworkers/ruin customers and even date someone with intent to harm them…This is called gang stalking or cause stalking. I strongly recommend you Google these terms and hear the other opinion. The mental care refuses to discussing this, also called thought broadcasting, calling it delusional which just means they will not discuss it or help you. This kind of crazy crap from a male coworker & sleaze boss got me fired without unemployment so I ended up on disability payments 10 years ago. You cannot show any confrontational behavior with your mental care staff or you will be given an ‘attitude adjustment’ forced stay in the mental hospital at your own expense for months sometimes. Some end up homeless after this and placed in apartments owned by the govt mental clinic but this can leave you committed to a mental care asylum permanently so let ‘coolness’ prevail. If you don’t like your treatment staff, switch doctors quietly. Some of the churches advise their members to gang stalk and you could be mistreated at church by crazy strangers without any other parishioners speaking up. My group of abusers called themselves Anti-christ jokingly…Do not give out your personal information for a long while at church or the nutty ones may even stalk you if you don’t like something you see and chose to switch churches. I’ve had this happen…best avoided are the large non-denominational megachurches…these folks frequently mistreat unwanted parshioners so just don’t. There is no one management to complain to at these x-large churches so just don’t… Any of the folks getting mental counseling through the pastor are usually left acting crazy so be advised. Social groups (and church) are also being used by some wealthy men to trap mistresses and these even ruin others to keep the group looking right and labor ready for all events…Do not give out last name (use Smith even) and do not use an email with your full name or anything someone could Google to find you, like your username on this forum…The attractive women really have problems being sociable…you could even lose your job due to psycho-symptoms stuff and crazy coworkers…Use caution and only attend these groups in company of a partner or with invite from someone okay. I’ve hugely fat and barely average looking lady so I’m okay but I’ve seen others almost ruined and submitted to mistress relationship to be okay…there was no fighting to get out of these either. Some ladies groups are great though except for gang stalker problems with crazies who picked the groups because the voices demanded it…I have story there too & she was a hard one to ditch…Professional organizations for a specific field can be great but the groups for technical fields are filled with socially inept verbal abusers who still date the computer most of the time…I get bothered and I don’t discuss my diagnosis, income or abusive situation I left…Sometimes, keeping this stuff quiet can get you treated as anonymous but not always.

Your symptoms from schizo include this social crap from crazy people (unfortunately they are numerous in some cities and you could be harassed badly if you have a disability check income), olfactory (smells without cause), visual hallucinations, auditory hallucinations (including fake voices of someone you know or a boss ignore it unless someone is standing in front of you) and tactile sensations including heart palpitations, crawling insects, hit on back, wind knocked out of you, bad headache for a few seconds and even orgasm…The repeated numbers you see is just the visual stuff, sort of blurred vision is really common.

If you have a story like mine, your mental care staff may tell you ‘false memories’ about the PTSD and even tell you to go back to the cause/abuser. This got some people on this board harmed bad and unable to press charges because they were in mental care. No longer talk to anyone you met through this group, do not return any calls, email or text or even answer the door. Some of these will habitually stalk you until told by you that you want no contact…If it gets too bad, you can move but we aware, the social problems usually start from strangers so you are aware who thinks they are boss. Ignore it and consider shacking up with someone you already know, anyone who introduces themselves after your symptoms start might be an abuser, you take your chances. The people who gang stalk stay crazy…There are so many in some cities…it is normal to hear the voices some of the time literally. If you moved to the city not long ago, you can find this out but the craziest places sometimes have the coolest peeps if you don’t discuss it & these places are desperate for good workers so your good fortune. But I tried bigger city and got to hear at work I needed to work in fast food or retail because my office mates did not want to hear the voices and the coworker would get my disability check if I didn’t leave…I ran out of there. Beware, in the big city, some of the men who introduce themselves after your nervous break and these who work in service jobs, will sell drugs on the side out of the place you share with them…This happens and all you can do is leave, if you are able. Do not EVER talk to yourself aloud, follow orders from voices and leave the group of abusers you met, sometimes the voices eventually stop for you.

I refuse to follow orders from the voices…I don’t want to see someone hurt which is what happens because the mental care refuses to offer any advice on how to handle this…For this decision, I suffer but I don’t worry so much in my opinion. This is a free will issue in my opinion.

Do beware of ‘thought insertion’…it runs like a song stuck in your head but a phrase unrelated to your current activities or train of thought can be repeated in your head in your own voice for a while. It is artificial. You should ignore it…But, children or old folks may experience this in your company and sound possessed talking kookie. It is the sick joke talking and not demons EVER. You should ignore it for the sake of the speaker. They don’t know any better but many of the adults are told what to do by voices and will willingly follow orders from the voices like it was God…It is a shocker but you will get used to is. I will never again support religion and probably never bother voting as I took my complaint all the way to Pres. Obama and federal republican leaders…Entertaining the wealthy/using poor to sell psych drugs and treatments means more than allowing all the taxpayers to work unbothered…

Regarding ‘houses that talk’ or haunting kind of stuff…Some houses have sounds coming from one location, inside a wall or furnishings is common. I bought a house with a clicking sound in the kitchen heard by visitors and pets even…I knew the house was once occupied by a woman who had a nervous breakdown and she was hearing something in the kitchen worst…Well, after my nervous breakdown, the clicking sound would only happen when accompanied by the voices saying, ‘DUUUHHHHH!’ I could never figure out the source of the noise for sure…A friend lived in an old victorian where they heard the blender running in the kitchen while dining many nights (not running for real, only the noise) until the blender was placed inside the cabinets and put-up…This has an obvious explanation…

If you would like to work learn your rights. I used to think work kept me healthier as I worked 14 years at 4 employers prior to my nervous breakdown…Now, I’m not sure with the gang stalking so bad. Some of the low pay office jobs I have accepted are life/death for customers and things are run so badly by management, I could get sued so keep stress level in mind too. It isn’t worth it sometimes but it can pay to find a legitimate work-at-home arrangement and acquire the needed skills to quanlify. I’ve gotten threatened so badly at 2 jobs, I told them to shove it and walked out…I was only saved because I saved $50-150 a month over the 14 years I worked because unemployment is frequently denied if you get screwed…You have to get an attorney and sue which takes years sometimes…I was coached by a job coach on how to deal with working with a schizo diagnosis. 1. Never disclose your diagnosis…2. You may need to state you are on SSDI so you can only earn $1k a month which would limit me to __ hours a week. (SSI has different rules.) 3. You can ask for changes to the work environment like reduced hours, limited public contact, work from home when some coworkers are gang stalking (hard to explain sometimes)…On SSDI, if you earn over $700 a month, your health insurance through medicare will get so expensive you cannot afford it so be aware of this…With SSI, sometimes you lose your medicaid coverage so it isn’t worth it to earn $500 a month plus $700 SSDI when you lose your Medicaid health insurance and your meds will cost you $1200 out of pocket…This is a real situation for many…

Some colleges are run by bullies…You should file papers from your psychiatrists with Disability Supports Services in case you run into a gang stalking professor - allowing students to talk crazy during class, asking for dates, not following syllabus and you don’t have right assignment ever, threatened, harassed, possessions stolen over break & no one saw anything… I’ve been treated terribly after my nervous breakdown and I was even on first name basis with administrators at the school but newer instructors were more than unprofessional & even destructive. Do not even consider getting federal loan aid until you have taken 2-3 classes at the school and paid cash. You will be asked to pay back the entire loan immediately if anything is ‘wrong’ and you drop. I recommend online classes now but sometimes the instructor is still disturbed…After attending big city school, it looks like many are aggressors/gang stalkers or victims…Most were too busy being crazy to work on group assignments…You can ask psych doctor to okay taking tests in another environment, additional clarification on assignments, more time to finish your assignments, work on assignments at another time due to classroom distractions and alternative assignments if you are placed with a group with ‘disturbed’ participants.

As far as Wicken beliefs, the voices may stop for a while for entertaining whoever with something outrageous but I wouldn’t even bother…these people are so far out there you could get hurt. I think I’ve covered a lot of paganisms for you and I love a good horror movie as much as the next person, but sorry! The truth is revealed!

Many folks keep taking the meds…Some places will force this or increase the gang stalking so badly it threatens your employment if you stop taking them, even if you can pay your own bills without the disability check. You can keep the disability check coming if you wish to see a therapist instead of the psych doctor if you function okay without the meds, ignore your own symptoms and the crazy strangers…this can be useful to know if you are getting nothing but side effects from the meds, huge unexpected bills and huge weight gain you cannot remedy while taking the useless meds. I use seroquel at night in 50-300 mg for insomnia help. This counts as a psych med…Sleeping enough keeps your weight down and helps you function while dealing with psychosis. You eventually learn to ignore the voices while you work anyway. If you want something stronger to sleep, the seroquel will help you get off the sleep stuff (like ambien) when you get hooked on it. Some of the psych doctors are okay with someone talking a small dose of psych meds if nothing tried has relieved the voices & you show almost normal functioning…Some employers can require you to stay on psych meds or see a pdoc if you don’t act right at work or your coworkers are gang stalkers. If you wish to return to full-time work, PLEASE consult with a social security benefits expert so you can return to your check if your employer or coworkers mistreat you or you choose not to handle the stress level of the employer while you are symptomatic.

Ask if you need anything. PM me.

I believe some things are unexplainable. How would one explain seeing something and not hallucinating it. I feel people inside my body and people yelling at me from outside. I have seen shadow people and I feel people underneath my skin. I think the negative comments come from a group of real people who absolutely hate me. I am thinking this can be possible and not farfetched. The motive is that they hate me for my intrusive thoughts and images. They call me all sorts of names. They have experimented on me doing things to my head and body which i feel physically.

i think it is a desease and i think u have it. i hope u get on meds soon and find a good doctor and therapist.

I see faces made of light all the time. But they’re awful scary ones. They pop up when I close my eyes. Used to scare the heck out me but I’m used to it now.

I used to mess around with that witchcraft for years. That’s how my son got schizophrenia, or schizo affective.

emporer, wtf! why can’t you see that some people’s brains just don’t function in the same way as the vast majority of people? all you’re doing by mentioning your t.i’s is feeding into some people’s delusions. there may well be some real t.i’s out there but ffs, i don’t think you’ll find many of them on this site…most people here have an organic brain disorder of one type or another. the brain is capable of producing many sensations and hallucinations that we don’t yet understand so you can’t just jump to the conclusion that he or she is a targeted individual. not enough is known about how the brain functions to say what is going on as yet so please don’t feed in to people’s delusions of persecution by encouraging the belief that they may be t.i’s. you may not be diagnosed as a schiz but you certainly think in that vein. that’s my two pennies worth anyway.

I was into witchcraft for 23 years. I firmly believe that’s how my son got schizophrenia. And it’s schizophrenia that killed him in the end.

pansdisease, don’t let anyone phase you. We know the truth, and the rest are just tools and lite weights who cannot handle it.