Not giving up with the no drinking apart from small relapse

I drank for 2 days after not drinking for 20 days straight., got pretty intoxicated but mainly drank at home so didn’t spend to much money and no horror stories. I broke my dry January promise with my support worker but I’m starting again as off yesterday the 21st. Going to do rest of this month and do dry February so that makes 38 days in total. I’ll assess the situation again then. What is promising is that I’m not craving alcohol and have a goal set. My community nurse said take small steps and 20 days without alcohol is also an accomplishment.

I broke my dry January as I was bored. Need to find things to do to keep from boredom.

Hopeful these long breaks will make me learn to quit fully and when I’m bored I won’t get cravings.


Keep it up. Good you’re no so focused on the relapse and more on go forward. /support


Why not try AA? I heard good things about it from users here.

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I don’t think I’m an alcoholic just a binge drinker, I need willpower. I can go 20 days without alcohol without much effort but I have days where I fancy a drink and don’t have much willpower.

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It would seem that more than a couple of any alcohol isn’t good for you. Binging is damaging too even though you may go days without it. Anyways. It’s not easy but it’s good to have time off. I can enjoy a drink without having to go overboard. I think that is the thing. If you can control your intake to a couple of drinks it’s not that bad as far as stress relief. Outside that it’s a problem.

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I know many AA members who are only binge drinkers. It’s not about how much booze you have, it’s about how much the booze has you.


I honestly wish you the best of luck mate - but being a recovering alcoholic myself, its clear you got a bit of an issue with the stuff.

If you cant just have the “one” with getting pissed - you may have a problem mate.

If i was you - i would get down to the GP and have a liver function test done as well.


Good for you. I hope you succeed. I have had problems myself in the past with alcohol. I still enjoy a drink sometimes. Some good advice on this thread.

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