Not getting enough sleep lately

So I haven’t slept well for the past couple of nights, and I don’t normally take any sleep inducing drugs so I’m just getting by with less sleep than usual. I went to work today, but my head is heavy and I feel weird. Should I take a short nap? But I’m afraid that if I sleep now, I won’t sleep well during the night. I have no clue as to why I’m not sleeping well lately. Well, one thing I can think of is too much activities done in a short period recently. I guess it’s caused the chemical imbalance. Anyway, I have Brotizolam in case I cannot sleep no matter what. Should I take it tonight? But if I did, I might have side effects tomorrow.

Since not being able to sleep well is one of my early warning signs of a relapse, I take this thing a little seriously.

Are you stressed? Stress can make it hard to sleep.

Have you tried Melatonine? It’s up to you on taking the Brotizolam. I try to balance how often I take my sleeping med however sometimes I have to make the decision that getting a good night sleep is important.

Dehydration can cause a heavy head, exhaustion, sleepy and dizzy feelings. Perhaps try drinking some more water?

Thanks you guys for the comments. I decided to take Brotizolam before I went to sleep tonight, then I just woke up after sleeping 6 hours. I ususally need a full 10 hour sleep so I’m going to take Triazolam(another kind of sleep inducing drug my doctor has givem me, just in case) to sleep 4 more hours. It’s early morning and still dark outside where I live, though I feel much better and calmer after taking some sleep. Although I might get some side effects like blurry head tomorrow morning, I think I was able to make a good decision. Thanks


One of the cardinal rules in treating insomnia is for the patient to avoid taking naps. Taking naps only continues a cycle of night time insomnia and excessive daytime sleepiness.

As lack of sleep can drastically affect psychotic and mood disorder symptoms, I would urge you to do whatever you need to do to get a good night’s rest. If your doc has prescribed a sleep aid, take it. The side effects aren’t going to be nearly as bad as the relapse in psychotic symptoms.

Also, the are a number of natural remedies that aid in sleep. As Barbie recommended, melatonin is effective and safe for most people. As is valerian root extract.

Personally, I take valerian, GABA, and magnesium citrate (an effervescent powder called Calm Magnesium).

So don’t be afraid to take a sleep aid if you need it. And it sounds like you definitely do. Just consult your doc before mixing natural remedies with your existing sleep aid.



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Hi, thanks for the usuful advice and yes, I took drugs last night before I went to bed and slept well :smiley:
As I’d expected, I was really sleepy this morning, but I somehow managed.

I’ve never took Melatonin and never heard of it either, is it available at normal drug stores?

Thanks again,
Take care

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It depends on where you live. I believe in almost any country but Sweden you can find Melatonin at the drug store.

In Sweden you need a special license to buy Melatonin. You can only have it if you have severe sleeping disorder and other meds don’t work.

My hubby and I recently started taking magnesium citrate at night. Hubby more then I as he has restless legs and feet. It seems to be helping with this feet and he is also noticing it is good for his bowels :smile: It’s like vitamin C where you can take it to bowel tolerance. It’s supposed to help with insomnia.

The more I look into supplements the more I realize that if we are not eating properly balanced diets then there are so many things that our bodies are probably lacking or are deficient in. How many people eat according to the food guide?

The melatonin we get also has 5-http and theanine so only has 1 mg of melatonin. We found that taking over 3 mg of melatonin actually had the opposite affect as did some other people that we know that take it. Have no idea why it would do that. Here in Canada you can buy at the drug store.


Since I’ve never heard of Melatonin, I googled it. Then I found out that in Japan, where I live, Melatonin is considered ingredients for drugs, not food/suppliments like in the US or Canada. So, to get Melatonin, it needs to be prescribed by doctors here. Of course it’s illegal if a company manufactures, sells or imports Melatonin in Japan. But there seems to be no problem if a person imports it for personal use. I can find it on the Internet, but it’s costly due to shipping&handling. I guess Melatonin can be an option, but an option I would consider when all other existed prescribed sleep inducing drugs didn’t work. Luckily, two sleep inducing drugs, Brotizolam and Triazolam, work well for me(although they cause me side effects), so far it doesn’t seem like I have to buy Melatonin. But this is a good oppotunity to know about Melatonin and the difference between how it’s treated in the US/Canada/some parts of Europe, and Japan. It was interesting. Thank you so much! I took Brotizolam last night too, and slept well :smile: