Can't sleep. of course

I went to bed and now I am up again. tired, unable to sleep… it’s been maybe 3 hours and this is my second time waking up…
I’m not feeling the best, mentally.
I just want to vent. there’s nothing to really vent about … I don’t feel much of anything, caused by nothing

Its about 1130 here but i ain’t sleepy either

I tried going to sleep around 10, it’s almost 1:30 here now.

Melatonin is often helpful to me

melatonin makes me have weird unpleasant sleeping experiences and I don’t like it

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I haven’t been sleeping right for a long time!


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I’m up, too. It’s 1:00 here. I haven’t slept the usual for months but I nap a lot during the day so I can’t really call myself sleep deprived. No advice here. Activities would just excite you, right?

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that’s my usual too… plenty of naps and lots of sleep… today I took a few naps but each time I woke up I was really exhausted like it wasn’t enough. it goes back and forth

Someone bigger sized may be able to take 75 mg total of over counter sleep stuff and be okay unless you have heart problems or high blood pressure. Can also have a couple shots of alcohol with it. Will wake up with headache. I’m not a doctor either so use at own risk.

I don’t drink and pills aren’t my friend. :confused:
I kinda just gotta take it. I don’t have a life to wake up to in the first place.
I’m just complaining

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