Not doing well on risperdal... the only med left is "latuda" so who's on it? How has it helped?

My breasts have grown a whole cup size and I’m lactating severely on the risperdal. My dr said it can cause such a raise in prolactin and cause breast cancer! Holy ■■■■! So my last option is latuda. I’m so scared. Another trial and hoping it’s a good one. I’m scared of getting worse

I am on Latuda 80mg. At 120mg I have akathisia.
You need to eat 350+ calories with it to work and it causes nausea or vomitting if you take it on an empty stomach.

I am stable on it since a year ago.

I’m sorry @LovelyCreature

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I take Latuda and Geodon. Latuda is a good med. it has antidepressant properties too so it helps with negatives.

I take so much Geodon though I don’t really know how much it helps with positives. I am sure it does though. I quit Geodon cold turkey a while back for a week or so and doubled my Latuda and I didn’t really get psychotic I don’t think but the withdrawals from Geodon were hell.

Antidepressents work for depression not SZ negative symptoms, they have different brain mechanisms. I tried Latuda+antidepressant and I was better on Abilify. My psychiatrist told me Abilify is the best for negative symptoms but I had serious side effects from it so now I am on Latuda.

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I didn’t do well on latuda. I’m in perphenazine now and it’s working better than anything else has.

Have you tried clozapine or olanzapine ? They don’t raise prolactin at all specially clozapine.

I prefer Latuda. Clozapine has serious side effects and olanzapine makes you gain lots of weight, I gained 150lb and ate 8 eggs at once everyday while on it.