Med changes not easy as it seemed

When I switched to latuda i just wanted my sex drive back. I didnt went to be laying on a couch filled with anxiety and akathisia. Feeling wierd like I can’t move.

I feel horrible. I just want to have energy again

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yeah I noticed lack of energy and desire while switching meds but it’s gonna get better slowly, day by day. I’m doing much better than before on Latuda. Did you gain any weight on Latuda?

i didnt gain any weight on latuda but i was only on it for a month and a half to two months

Latuda has been great for me as an add-on medication. It’s like a sugar pill without Risperdal. My doctor wants to lower it from 180 mg to 80 mg then to zero because my paranoia is gone. I’ll just be on 2 mg of Risperdal. (Before my last psychotic break and when I was on medications, I was just on .5 mg of Risperdal!)

interesting. I’ve been on it for a month now and it’s been a week i’m noticing a big appetite change. I hope I can get over it and move on my with life.

I think Latuda is causing me memory problems.

im pretty sure im going to go back to risperdal myself. i am starting to feel i should have trusted my doctors prescription the first time.

my only issue with latuda was the akathisia. i felt very a uncomfortable dread-like feeling going to bed at night because i had a restlessness that made me want to get up and pace

I’m sleeping peacefully since staring Latuda. I’ve noticed some restlessness and akathisia but it’s manageable. I would be devastated if I gain weight though. It’s a deal breaker for me. I’ve been overeating this past week. I’m quitting Geodon, at 20 mg and will stop is 3 days, maybe that’s why I notice such a difference in my appetite. what are you on right now?

i noticed my appetite increase but i didnt gain weight. a big reason people gain weight is how meds effect the metabolism.

yeah I should be extremely cautious. I’m gonna go running next week and do a juice diet. :flushed: I’m just getting agitated and going to the fridge every 30 minutes. what the hell!!! It’s good that you can control yourself. I go out to eat a lot,

right now im on risperdal. i was going to ask for seroquel when i see the doctor tomorrow but i think im going to just ask for a refill of my risperdal.

yeah if I can’t take this appetite under control, I’m gonna ask for a med change :frowning: let us know how resperdal goes

I took 20mg of Geoden today at 9:30 am because I couldn’t sleep. I slept until 12:30, when I had to get up for work. I felt drowsy…will this go away? I might just use it as a sleep aid. Not sure how good it is for my voices.

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my drowsiness never went away for a period of 1.5 years. but it reversed my sleep cycle. sleep in the morning and insomnia at night. I would feel weak in my arms and all drunk. It was horrible. I’m sure regular medication will help you though, you need to stick to it.