Not all of us were planned babies

I know parents can get sucked in by the pleasure of sex and, presto, another baby is on the way. My mother called me a mistake. I know she was very angry to be pregnant again. What could I say for a response? “I’m sorry I exist.”?

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I was pretty much to feel like a “mistake” whether I was or not I’m not sure. Anyway. We’re all grown up now. Maybe putting things like that in the past is a healthier thing to do as difficult as it may be to do.

My mom would always remind me that if she could do her life over again, she would have only one child (instead of 4, and of course, I’m # 4 kid.)
Once when she was angry, she yelled at me that she wished she only had one child.
I yelled back “Me too.”
I was amazed to learn from my (ex) mother in law - who had 6 kids, that she actually wanted all the kids, and would have wanted even more.
Some parents sctually liked their kids!?

It is very difficult. I cannot even pronounce the word “rejected” I’m so emotionally caught up in it. Very difficult during the holiday season, too. Mothers are so important. They are the number one focus of a child. Can’t be dismissed easily.

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Kids don’t ask to be born, it scars deep when your not wanted, especially by your own mother.

Have you heard the song about “Mother doesn’t like you and she likes everyone.” I guess the best Moms are happy with anyone. We really missed out didn’t we, @Csummers. My mother said she wanted an abortion. She wasn’t even angry when she told me. Just matter of fact. Sheeesh.

My parents say I wasn’t a mistake but I know the truth is that I was. They deserved a better kid.

Haven’t heard that song, but it sure sounds like the story of my life.
Time changes everyone, and the roles have reversed for me.
My mom now needs care and believes it’s my duty as her only daughter to care for her 100%.
It may be true, but I resent her needing me to do all the ■■■■ work and never my brothers who she and my dad favored.
They do nothing, just like growing up, but my mom is trying to be nice for the first time to get me to come over more.
I don’t want to come over.
I’ve spent 53 years wanting her attention, but lived without it, watching it go to my 2 middle brothers instead.
Now she wants me, and I don’t want her.
Funny how time changes everything.
-I will though, do the right thing and take care of her, because Iam a good kid- something it took my parents their entire lifetime to see what I knew all along.
That’s the reward of never giving up on myself.

my brother was planned but i wasn’t neither was my dad’s other son. conceived while my mom was in the hospital having me my dad wasn’t there he was sleeping with another woman.

We may not have all been planned but we are all miracles of matter, whether we like it or not. We can go on this crazy thing called the Internet and communicate via electromagnetic radiation.

Right - the powers that be - carefully planned for and wanted each and every living creature.

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That seems very cruel. You didn’t make inconsistent decisions they did. I would be tempted to say “Why didn’t you tell him to use a condom, or no sex?” The only thing to blame it on is poor life planning, not you.

That’s like if I open carry with a loaded pistol on my hip, then when I shoot myself in the foot, blame the bullets. (sorry chordy I’m not saying you’re like being shot)

My mom and Y donor were around the age of 16 when I was conceived.

If she feels that way, she owes and owed it to you to keep those feelings to herself. At the very least.

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I had a surprise pregnancy once.

My son was adopted at birth by loving ready parents I had spent the previous 6 months cultivating a trusting relationship with.

Years later we’re still close,

Talk frequently and see each other regularly.

There’s no excuse for a mother not loving or mistreating her child,

Even if that child is unplanned.

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My parents were victims of pride.

My dad said I was order from Sears and Roebuck.
Truth be told I was the result of the welcome home from the Korean war.


youre weird to imagine your parents having sex, that is a bad thought. i think of such things all the time as part of my intrusive thoughts however

Sometime kids walk in on their parents having sex.

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I’m a unwanted baby. No idea why my mums so in denial about it. Think she is Bipolar 1 and has a lot to do with it.

Ha! You guys had Moms. :joy:

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