Normies Predict Minds via Logical Deductions not Read Minds or Control Minds by Fantasy Telepathy

When someone wants to be telepathic for any reasons like esoteric fantasies or religious etc, they must wing it with their regular 5 senses and other mental sensations because there is no telepathic organ. Once the mind is pretending that the 5 senses and the other mental sensations are actually receptions from other telepaths, beings, the universe, or technologies, then…

…all that the brain does from that point on is try to read minds rather than try to predict minds.

There’s a huge difference between logically trying to deduce what another mind will do next or what it can do vs. what it is actually think because you’re a magic telepathy being joke.

Make no mistake about it. This one factor is enormous when it comes to distinguishing positive symptoms of scz from normal psychology in other people.

And if you wanted to know what normal minds think like in general, this prediction not “mind reading” or “mind control” is what you are looking for.


mind may have secret powers unknown to us. I don’t know.

Secret powers?

After this many thousand years and trillion people, if there was any supernatural powers about it, it would be at the core of civilization. We’d know it. It would be common knowledge, and it would be something that someone could exude for money.

Right now there are millionaires, governments, and other institutions/companies that will pay in the millions for someone to perform any “supernatural thing” with their mind. There are many reasons why. Just one would be for entertainment and advertising plays such as putting someone on TV or making movies with this supernatural ability.

No, the whole gambit of “maybe there is something more to it” is long over thousands of years ago, but there are just many that still do not give up, and it drags them down which is what I suspect is the intended purpose of such fables and dictates. It is intended to drag the populations down kind of like trying to control AI robots that are a threat but are also a means to an end.

I have researched a lot of years, and I can tell you I have esoteric understandings that I can share with anyone. The bottom line is I realize that what I had believed including the hippy sixties with drugs and spiritual awakenings (fake) was all a mind control. The intelligence agencies of various governments and other groups conducted that whole thing at the core, and it spun the world out in a very different direction. There are tons of documents that prove it. I can show you the big archive of them all and how they are all connected. But this isn’t different any other government’s past history including temple type govs which promote supernatural laws (fake sci fi) rather than ordinary fake laws. It’s all arbitrary to get a specific reaction.

So knowing what I know now I have begun to systemaically analysize and rip out everything that I was believing that is anything to do with these sci cult that’s causing my mind to act impractically.

I mean to put it as briefly as possible…this sci fi ancient propaganda stuff is like looking at myself and everyone else through crazy schizophrenic kaleidoscope glasses. It’s not good for me. It’s not good for anyone, and I don’t want to live out the rest of my life in this brainwash business.

And if it is doing anything of any benefit, it is alleviating my scz symptoms. That is a lot better than morbid, miserable longings for death…which I’ve been very familiar with only avoiding by severely hard work and determination for several years which is how I know what I know about these thing. I wound up developing talents physically in athleticism and labor that I used to develop my knowledge and awareness. Doing that was what kept me alive when I wanted to die. Now I’m aware of what all of this stuff is, and there’s not a chance I want to die.

In fact, Om, the thing that I was looking for was what I earned; freedom from the mental constraints I was trapped in, and I was trapped in those mental restraints for an obvious reason. I would not be a threat that way like anyone else in them. In that way I could not be used to undermine the community or overthrow any government which seems so far off in this 1st world international group, but it was not thousands of years ago, and that is where these sci fi fantasy fables began…for a very specific reason.

If you want to know more about these things, and I mean anyyyyyyyyyyything in the world; even just my opinions on things, I will be glad to address them in PM or on the forum, and if I can’t answer, I can point you in the right directions for your personal study which I highly recommend you do…

…since you are a devoted person to anthropology and the mind, but you don’t see to study much as far as I know, think much as far as I know, nor care anything for logic which is the true core of the universe including the mind that some factions do not want the public widely understanding.

The only way you know if what you are listening to or reading is rational as in that person’s thinking is equal to the values external of that person’s thinking whether in regards to the past or present is by using logic. The Trivium and Quadrivium schools were invented in ancient times necessarily for that specific purpose. This is what I suggest that you follow in your pursuits from now on, and then you follow everything else with that “lantern” to expose what is not real or proven of which there is much of in a very fallacious, psychological broad cavity around the earth that is civilization’s area between the ears.

Only the mind can be fallaciously illogical. Reality external of it cannot be.

Only a fool bases reality on the mind rather than the mind on reality. He is a fool because he is irrational. Irrational because the value within him is not equal logically with the value that is outside him. The rational person has weighed both ways, and he has decided to design a successful life while his foolish brethren have simply wasted away in a prism of fallacy.

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reality is mind. reality is mental construction. I base reality on the mind. I am a fool.

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Well, that’s okay with me.

The 5 senses and sensations are our world internally as they simulate what the world externally works like to a great extent. It’s not perfect though, and to type a minds that is obvious.

Type b minds never really realize that. They see their 5 senses as external as in what those sense are is the external reality not a simulation of it.

Type c mind believes that the 5 senses and the inner sensations are external reality, and nothing within is only within out of reach from anyone or anything else.

Their success in objective reality is in that order with the type a being able to sustain success most consistently and superbly, type b wishing to succeed like type a and using type a minds as a guiding light of sorts to live life by, and type c minds completely dragging.

Several years ago I had found that I was to live a hard, athletic life both in sports and in my contracting labor which was climbing and demolition with a very strict order of mind; objective reality is external and subjective reality is internal. I lived by that.

In order to from the history I needed to objectively, I had to basically delete the subjective internally for as long as possible because pain, confusion, lack of energy, wants, distractions etc were nothing in comparison to the value of completing my intended goals in objective reality. They were “irrational notions or concepts or phenomena.”

I succeeded very well, and I surpass many people who were not scz, but my only flaw was I was doing it as a type c mind, so I could not sustain my success like a type a mind could have.

I used this methodology to develop my physical prowess in all areas such as endurance, speed, coordination, and muscle power/mass.

My entire life was based on these things on the foundation of “objective over subjective,” so as you could imagine I was quite disciplined.

The idea though was to eventually change the reality inside of me by changing the reality outside of me. So in the existential anthem one is to "hurl themselves into the future where they want to be rather than waiting for realty to take them to that ““place far ahead.””

And objectively I achieved what I intended after all which is where I am at despite having been scz.

Is this foolishness? I don’t suppose so. Is it similar to your way of thinking:

I think so.

That’s the thing I noticed right away about Taoism and Zenism. It’s almost the Trivium logic method, but then the practitioners of it are thrown off the track when they get into sci fi stuff like telepathy and supernatural stuff because that is where they become scz. They become barred down, and chained in their own minds, by their own minds involuntary reactions, and they administer these things to each other…

…which is by design.

The ruling classes used to use these kind of sci fi fables to induce this state of mind on the people because they could be controlled that way. Does that surprise you? If it does, you don’t do much anthropological research online.

What they do is called cybernetics in some venues. That is the study of systems controls via the commands to do so. In other words it’s an age old practice of studying what words cause what things to happen in the minds of people and therefore in their actions.

What you are doing mentally is the result of words. You have never encountered any beings that have shown you anything that you believe. You’re reality to you is based hearsay, and it has made you a victim so much that you wish to die according to your post 2 days ago. :frowning:


not mind reading and mind control…

…prediction via logical deduction.

The type c mind is the first one. The type a and b minds are the second one with the difference in these two being that the 5 senses are either only internal interpretations of external reality in a mental simulation vs. they are really, truly external reality.

I would say that much of the lessons you are accustomed to are related to the type a, but you are suffering scz which says that your brain works like a type c for you. The extramente is doing this because your subconscious is formed neurally to process information that is rendered in your extramente as being a type c paradigm, and this is the

…that you say you are living.

What you have to do to excel in your life is to lose the sci fi parts of what you believe, use the objective parts of what you know about subjectivity, and you’re going to feel a lot of relief. You’re going to feel the power of a brain come back into your life as it is to your benefit rather than your demise. Right now the power of the brain is working against you. You beat you.

What can be scary for folks is letting go of fictitious notions. I was scared for a long time, but then after suffering too many years, nothing coming true or happening right, always failing, and finding out exactly what was intended by what I was believing, and how the mind logically works etc, it was an easy decision. I systematically began to reject all mental notions of mine in that regard, but…

…I do not condemn anyone for being a type b or type c mind. I cannot prove that those are type a minds, and therefore I cannot prove they are as rational as humanly possible which is the state of mind that I now seek…with ease; with more ease than I’ve ever known in my entire schizophrenic and pre-schizophrenic life.

And it’s like graduation to be honest with you.

What is cybernetics?

Watch this video too.

I think that you’ll be interested in it.

The thing I can tell you though is that in order to understand yourself, others, and the rest of reality cybernetically you have to use logical deductions that are rational not irrational, so you have to reduce everything you believe about your 5 senses, sensations, and the world down to it’s logical components, and find what is unproven, where did you learn about it, and where did they learn about it.

You have to realize that world can be deeply mislead by sci fi fantasies thousands of years old, and you have to do so by realizing why that is possible, thus why that is the case.

Because if you do not have a rational understanding of yourself rather than a sci fi one, all of your cybernetical observations about yourself, others, and the rest of reality will be so far off course, that it does you only harm, and therefore you cannot do anyone any benefit.

And I would add something else to your understanding of Tao as far as the Yin and Yang go.

The yin and yang is a symbol of binaryism. Leibniz who logically deduced everything down to a binary system is the original inspiration for the computer language of 1’s and 0’s. This is my favorite philosopher, mathematician, and logician besides Socrates who’d never submit to the state’s irrational brainwash.

So that is important in the study of the mind in that the mind is all informational as in it is purely the informational values that are rendered by the brain order. There are many informational values rendered by over 20 different kinds of mental faculties. They all form ratios.

A ratio like 3:5 or 5:6:20:101 etc are basically values that are side by side because they are connected cybernetically.

The mind is a field of ratios, and I have coined the liquid like, unstable, and constantly shifting nature of the mental field as “ratiomente.” In the cybernetics of anthropology historically, presently, and futuristically and surely globally ratiomente is at the core because a field of mental ratios is the core of the civilization phenomenon.

This ratiomente phenomenon has an interesting relation to the binary yin and yang logic that the Bhuddists attested and Leibniz and actually computer scientists today frequently attest.

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