Retracting and Tiny Boxing the SCZ Dreamscape with Amoral Logic

I am imagining this morning two places; my inner self where I’m making decisions and the external reality. Between these two places is the “extension.”

Because I’ve been wrapped up in spirituality first then telepathy, I’ve been wrapped up in morality involving mental fallacy.

Morality is the correct or false perpendicular of logic correct and false. A thing can be wrong morally and right logically or vice versa.

So the informational ontology of all of my actions for years now has been about the morality of that cybernetic structure that is informationally ontological, but this kind of morality has been about an assumed reality; one that is not real. It has all been pretend; a figment of the imaginative processes.

I have noticed that now that I’m aware of things like this and why they are taught to people in the first place that I need not do anything logically whereas I felt I always had to do something morally or socially before. Morality is synonymous with sociality. Morality is sociological.

I merely have focused on logic such as subject/predicate reality; real truth not fallacious truths from someone’s hearsay.

What I have noticed is that I some how have mentally retracted into myself, and I am able to observe these ludicrous goings on that constitute what sz is; the positive symptoms. I haven’t been able to do this up to now. Before these positive symptoms forced me to become mentally, emotionally, and physiologically involved in them, and if I were to sum the nature characteristic of them up I would say that it was the abusive and malicious chicanery of a half chimp half person “flesh ghoul.” I assume that is what this brain amounts to in one respect.

So it is as if I have collapsed this inane mental prism of ridiculous notions from a frenzied half animal’s control that for years created a mirage of nonsensical imaginings with all of the central and peripheral nervous system, and…

…this is no longer something I can’t retract intentionally and methodically with the workings of my own volitional mind.

It is almost like a scene in a Harry Potter movie with all sorts of spells and flying things working all around the wizard, and then at a command it all goes back into a tiny box.

That is not so say that it completely disappears. No, that is to say that it is contained within myself at the center of my mind.

Imagine two spheres, and one is significantly larger than the other. Without control and assuming religious telepathic are real phenomena occurring and demanding my moral, social attention of which in reality there is no such thing this false, moral and social mental world prism if you can imagine that is all around me and all throughout me through and through in all. It has the position of the large circle, and what I am is the small circle in the middle of it.

But now I’m retracting that insanity, and I’m able to contain it within the center of me. It doesn’t shut off. No, it still talks and imagines all kinds of crazy things. Yes, it does. LOL I’m not beyond a creative engine within myself. You shouldn’t be either. Hehe :slight_smile:

That imaginary world of telepathy or sz positive symptoms has no more control because I stare at the logic of myself inside and outside. Practicing this in public with people around, and focusing on these things while focusing on the same things about others solidifies this practice. It develops a kind of mind theory that is necessary for me to survive without sz symptoms.

It’s just the focus on what logic says is and has happened rather than the moral extension that I began this post with, so that by the time things are processed and action is ready to take place, the ontology in the extension is not full of false commands which are irrational or inherently illogical. This focus or critical analysis of all of the information in the self, on the self, of the self, and of everyone and everything around combs out the fallacies in the extension between inner self and the outside, and…

…the reactions become practical.

Additional Note:

I often find myself neutralized from doing anything. I want to do what I need to do, but I just can’t find the will to do it. It is often more extreme than can be called a normal thing. I’ve thought of it as depression, and I’m sure than in many repsects it is partional due to depression given the thing that I’ve been dealing with all these years.

Here’s what I have noticed about that.

If I imagine I need to get up, and get ready to do carry out arronds and chores etc, all that I’m doing is acting out what is in this “deduction world of telepathic wilderness” that is completely imaginary and the positive symptoms of sz…

…all that I’m doing is functioning in that “realm or prism.” The logicality or ontology of that “places’s” system is not real, but my brain is continuously saying it is real.

The imagining of myself going and doing those things is the extension of myself in the “real world.”

But that is not the real world. My brain is conditioned to believe that that telepathy realm is the real realm. It believes that is how things get done. It assesses the worth of things according to how they appear in that reality.

So in that reality going and doing something is not practical or of any value whatsoever, and…

…according to my sz symptoms I have just gone and done that. The brain fools itself into thinking that all is telepathy, and there is a whole virtual world of telepathic things, and it fools itself into thinking I have actually carried out those task…

…simply by imagining myself going and doing them.

Logically speaking this is absurd, but that is how it is. This little me in my imagination is my real me to this obscured, warped psychological flesh animal if you will try to understand what I’m dealing with. Hehe, that may sound completely off the wall to you if you haven’t done much in the way of studying psychology and logic. You see this thing creates a personality, and it’s personality is interlocked with itself in a telepathic conversation. There really is telepathic mind control: it’s this things one parts controlling this things other parts, and it’s actually kinetically because the signals never become airborne.

What I need to work on.

I need to work on pulling back in my extension of myself so to speak from this fallacious mental reality to a more logical one.

Imagine that I have made a robot, and the computer program is something I’m in charge of for operation of the robot.

Right now the robot, that’s my body, is programmed to operate in a virtual reality or in other words within the parameters of another program. It needs to not operate in a fake or virtual reality but to operate in the real reality. The stupid thing is operating like its really in an imaginary world. Bizarre, eh.

I have to now with a Trivium logic ruler measure out all of the parameters of this software so to speak, and check it for its logic trueness. Basically I’m just sifting through every aspect of what I’m doing mentally and physically as well as checking it on other people and things, and labeling what is fallacious about my mental reactions and beliefs about those things and what is just logical. I have to practice this from now on, and…

…I need to start to go to places and do things with the express intention of getting more of this done for a good, long time, so that it is reorganized and reprogrammed into my head.

It seems enjoyable, so I am incentivized to get this done. Anything other than the inanity of this mental disorder of the logic is incentive enough.

The little me in the telepathic fake reality of my mind has to be replaced for a big me that is in the physical reality and socially applicable with real people.

This is key to remember.

It seems like the imperative that I never acknowledge my “voices” in a social context or moral context. That feeds the falsely programmed brain my command or green light to go ahead, and assume there is more than one me, and that continues to be extrapolated into there are others which are telepathic, and that extends into the rest of the world being telepathic people and animals.

The moral right and wrong may seem perhaps politically correct in regards to the peronalitous figments of my imagination, but I have to refrain in a disciplined way. I can only measure myself in a logical way from now, and I have to work this up in myself over time in order to re-condition my brain’s software as much as possible.

Illogical is plain stupid. :slight_smile:

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If this is true why is the voice in my head able to replicate computer or game sound efx in my head yet when I try and do it consciously I am unable.

Technically if your brain can replicate sounds and things like that perfectly, that is a talent of your brains.

Now…using that talent is another thing.

Here’s what I know:

If you believe in telepathy, that’s the source of the problem. There is no telepathy, but the logical fallacies that are purported by people fallaciously, and the fables that include this fake concept passed through thousands of years have a lot of people believing there is telepathy.

People praying or being watched by deities is telepathy, and a lot of people don’t realize that. Something they feel about what I’m saying and even what I used to feel about people that say what I’m saying is that these are the words of someone in an inferior caste…like in a supernatural, infinite caste system. Well…there is not logical reason to think anything like that, and anyone who says that it just is can only say so with logical fallacies and metaphors trying to get you to be so mesmerized and intrigued by what they are proposing that you will just give in, and accept it, or you won’t argue it because…

…you don’t know how to logically argue against it, and you half way believe it yourself.

To pretend that your mind is a magic that can’t be proven is a dangerous thing. It makes you succeed at a second rate, and in extreme cases it makes you mental deficient so much so that you cannot support yourself independently and even may be hospitalized.

Instead of old and new fables with sci fi fantasies about “how the universe really could be,” you need to just use logic which will describe how the universe and the abilities of the mind really.

What would you rather have: fantasy lies or the real truth?

I can tell you that in all of my years of studying the truth about reality and the minds is far more intriguing than the fantasies. The fantasies are kind of like the cheap gimmick sold to suckers at the door of the pyramid of truth. If you can go all of the way, and climb all of the way up though the middle of the pyramid of truth so to speak, then you’ll see what they’ve been selling the world for all of these thousands of years.

Have you heard of lying news? Lying politicians? Lying car sales people?

It’s the same thing as these fantasy peddlers.

And when you are sz, and you really need the truth, where are they then? Nope, you’re a bad example now, and you go take your Rx, and stay alone, or whatever the case may be.

So they tell you all of these things, and then when you really need it to really, really work, it does not work. None of it is true. The universe cannot do what they say it can do including our minds, and they nor either of us can logically prove that what they were peddling was true, is true, nor ever will be true.

We were duped.

You asked why your mind duplicates those sounds from your game so well.

It does it from memory.

There are 3 sources of information that feeds the brain, and the brain processes the information based on it’s logic which is basically chemicals as that is basically what tissues are or any matter for that matter. The logic gates in a CPU are kind of what’s going on in the brain but in a much simpler way…and stiffer way. :slight_smile: Hehe, it’s a hard chip, and our brains are almost liquid they are so gelatin like coursing with fluid substances of all kinds of composition.

So the brain is then composed of many sensations not just the 5 external sensations or “senses” for the external sensory organs. Information can go more than one of these “mental faculties to be processed into a sensation,” and the plot read out is in a different form in each.

Imagine how your computer plots out a visual graphic on a screen using information. That is what you vision faculty does. Imagine how your computer plots out audio in the speakers. That is what your audio faculty does.

But your brain has more rendition outputs for information to be plotted than your computer. The reason the computer only has audio, visual, and tactile such as vibrating controllers or phones is because we only have 5 external senses with visual and audio being the primary ones.

We have over 20 sensations, and you can google them or youtube them, but they are not all connected to the external reality where our computers are and where other people are, so there’s no “emotion graphic” on a computer or “telepathic graphic” from other people. But there is smell, taste, touch, sight, and hearing…

I said there are 3 sources of information to the brain:

  1. 5 external sense
  2. Memory
  3. “Cross-Pollination” between mental sensations

By the way that excludes telepathy. We never had people sending us any mental signals. That is not a source of information to the brain, and anyone that can do that is worth millions of dollars today. That value of that behavior (not belief) is the deal that stands every day from not to whenever. A person like that could make so much money, it would never go unreported, yet it is not reported. It’s not provable.

The logic of the universe does not allow us to develop into telepathic life forms.

There are no contradiction in reality, but in the simulations of our minds there are contradictions, so people go around believing in telepathy and telepathic deities etc or even telepathic people. They did not know Trivium logic which you should know.

Think of your mind’s activities like a sock.

You, the observer of your mind, is in a sock, and it is around you.

You don’t understand why it does what it does, but you certainly would not have chosen to do what it has done.

The first logical fallacy is when the mind says that it is not itself.

A and B
A or B
A not B

That is logic, and that is where your mind is. Your mind is in a state of “being beside itself.” It believes it is more than one mind.

A is B

That is what mental state your mind should be in. You are your mind, but at some point in your life you began to believe that it was not true, and that is when you began to believe logical fallacies that suggested that is not true.

What you began to believe is called a schizogenic suggestegen. Skhizen is greek for split. Genetikos is greek for “product of something.” Suggestegen means an element that suggests something to a mind.

So the false beliefs about how reality works which is otherwise known as the logicality of your mind and the universe as well as others’ minds…

…that you fell for…

…caused a split in your mind.

The brain has stored that information, and it thinks that it is doing its job by making you, your mind, in the state of being beside itself.

So to bring your mind back to the way of A is B because you are your mind, you have to start practicing it. You have to figure out what you got logically wrong about you and other people and the rest of the universe, and you have to figure out what the truth is.

One of the confusing parts of this task that you are up to is the Double Bind. That is that in order to do this logical thing I’m talking about you may feel that you are doing something immoral such as ignoring people or deities in telepathy.

The illogical thing to do is to hate your voices because their is nothing socially going on, so how can you do a moral wrong where there is no social situation happening? You can’t.

So to be loyal to your voices, deities, telepathy people, or whatever it is that is on your mind…

…is social.

You can’t be social to your mind.

It’s foolish.

A or B
A and B
A not B

You are A, and A is B not these other logical states of mind. If you are moral or social even immoral or antisocial to your own mind, then your brain computes a state of mind that shows there are people and beings in your mind.

It does that because it can, but there are not, so what gives?

What gives?

You have to come to terms with what you are, so you can stop worrying about moral or immoral right and wrong to yourself as if yourself was more than one person or entity.

A brain is like a hand or a liver. It’s an organ. It makes your mind.

You don’t want to hate your hand or your liver, right? That’s stupid or “illogical,” right? So why would you want to hate your brain or the mind that it makes? That’s just as stupid, and it’s holding you back. It’s probably making you frustrated, ruining your life, and scaring you.

I was terrified of my brain. I was very angry. I did not know what was going on. I didn’t realize A is B; its me. I didn’t know exactly what I was nor how it worked.

That’s where you are. You’re asking good questions though, and you deserve that like everyone does.

This is how it works for me.

I call my mind ratiomente. I have a layer of my mind that I call extramente.

Ratiomente means “ratio mind” in greek. A mind is like word information on a paper, but it is more closer to the kin of the computer graphic on a screen. Whether it is words or graphics, it is still information processed by a computer plotted into this form. Information comes in all forms.

That information comes in over 20 forms in my mind produced by over 20 mental faculties in my brain organ. Think of all of the different kind of mental faculties for producing mental sensations. There are more there than visual graphics on a computer screen and letter shapes on a paper.

…and the are all in one area like a vat full of many things. Each readout is an informational value in the mind, and these informational values are side by side.

A ratio looks like 1:5 or 1:4:5:8:143:45534 and so on.

The mind is a ratio. It is self aware because of this phenomenon. One mental faculty is aware of another one, and that is how the mind knows it is a mind. If a mind was only vision, it could not know it was vision, but it could see. There are no other mental faculties to “sense the vision,” so there’s no cross pollination of the sensations that is required for awareness.

Extramente is like that sock I was talking about. The phantom leg or the fake rubber hand trick of psychology is a good example of extramente.

Exramente is “extra” and “mente” or beyond mind in greek.

It is the mind that appears not to be oneself which is where people get confused with it being telepathy with gods and people and such. Don’t fall for this trick.

When people have to move to somewhere, they the brain computes the information, and it creates the simulation of you being in that position. Then you try to match that position by making it real.

Think of it like a video game where you look around the map, and then your character envisions that place. You let go of the button, and he or she moves straight there. That vision is like something extramente does. It’s not telepathic or supernatural. It’s just using the 5 senses and memory in a ratiomente way.

I have coined the term audioproprioception. This is part of extramente where people hear what other people might say, have said before, or what they should say to a person. This is very common, and it is not sz.

So that is where your mind’s replications of the video game sounds comes from.

The problem for you is not that your mind replicates video game sounds, but that it is in a state of A and B, A or B, and A not B instead of A is B.

You have some kind of fundamental belief in you that makes you in a social situation when you are alone. I know. I’ve been like that.

Therefore if that is the case, you are treating your mind as though it was beside itself; as though people or beings were telepathic. There are not supernatural beings communicating to you, nor technologies, nor telepathic people.

You are not telepathic, nor is anyone else. Keep these two separate, and don’t make the mistake of forgetting to keep these two separate. You may think to yourself that you are not telepathic, but then it seems like others are being telepathic to you, so your brain thinks that it is telepathic, but…

…it was your brain that pretended that its 5 senses and other sensations were capable of receiving telepathy.

No one was being telepathic to you, but your brain thought it was happening, so it tries to be social in a moral context whether kind or mean back to those assumed voices it imagined.

This is how you are in a double bind because it drags you into a moral situation. All social situations are moral situations including what clothes to wear or not wear, whether mean or nice etc. But this has nothing to do with your brain because you don’t logically get into a social or moral situation with your hand, liver, or own mind.

This is how the trick of the times gets you to be “beside yourself” which means “skhizen” or split.

To do the moral or social thing with yourself as if there are external deities or telepathic people etc means that you must do the illogical thing. That’s how it ties your mind up into schizophrenia.


…choose the logical thing which in turn is the amoral thing.

Amoral means neither moral nor immoral. It means indifferent. You have to learn how to be your mind, and be everything you are, so that you are not trying to be “beside your mind” or being in a way to imagined things or people that are simply your mind.

Once you break through this, you will be a lot better off. All people will even if they aren’t impaired by it as badly as us.

Sociopropriation is when you know what is going on in a social situation, and you know what social signals you are sending to other people. This sensation gives us a heads up about what has happened socially from us and others, and what is most likely to happen or must happen next in the social situation as we all are acting it out.

That sensation of sociopropriation is gerrymandered to include a fake reality simulated in your mind based on fake concept such as our mind’s are telepathy. If you base your mind on it being telepathy, then are you really you, or are you you and others too?

That confuses your naturally strong sense of sociopropriation because you don’t know where you begin and end mentally, so everything that you think you mean socially to others starting with the fake people or beings when you are alone to the false way that real people see you which is as if they can see through you, and they can think into you…

It just becomes a huge mess.

When your mind replicates those video game sounds, that ability i part of your sense of sociopropriation.

This ability is supposed to give you a heads up on what’s going to happen. It predicts, and it bases the predictions on what’s in your memory.

The problem is that people get it confused with psychic ability and telepathic mind reading. It predicts, and gives you a mental graphic. It does not do magic.

Really we have to relearn how to use this “extramente” or sociopropriation or proprioception which is something like a sock on our mind. We have to use it logically, but to do that we need to understand the Trivium logicality of reality both in the mind, language, and external reality. And we have to stick to it not just forget about it, or we’ll start believing in logical fallacies about deities and telepathy etc which is going to mess us up 100% of the time. It all adds up.

Once we get a hold of this mental sock, it is us, and it works for us. It doesn’t work against us like it does for sz’s. It is like a quick computer telling us what is most likely, what we probably should do or not do, what people have said before, what something was sensed like whether emotionally, audioly, tasteily, or visually.

This is the true power of the mind, and it is hidden by “red herrings” that are designed to throw people off of the trails, so they don’t get it. Why else are there sci fi tales that so many people believe in that can’t be proven true, but when you believe them, and you mess up your mind like sz’s, then they can’t help you with any of it. Because telepathy is fake, and there are no external deities watching and working on our mind or anything like that.

I hope that something here helps you figure yourself out, and you rightfully prosper. :slight_smile:

One last thing.

I have ran into a lot of people that are not sz, but they believe in telepathy and psychic abilities because of strange coincidences.

They are fooled into thinking there are phenomena that don’t exist because they don’t understand the complexity of cybernetics. Cybernetics connects everything in a logical way, and it is extremely complex requiring a lot of studying to understand the depths of its possibilities let alone actually know enough to do anything useful with.

This is something you should look up on google videos and youtube.

Those people that say that they have witnessed such and such mean well, and they are not sz, so it doesn’t really matter to them, but sz’s can’t afford to believe in such things, and despite being sz, we are one step ahead of them who are not sz when we know more about what is going on with mind phenomena and universal logic than them. If you know more, then you deserved to know more. :slight_smile:

Additional Notes:

I should distinguish between sociopropriation and socioception.

The first refers to things that are considered appropriate or inappropriate. Commonalities are another way of putting it. The logicality is untrue except only in the mind where color, voices, music, flavors, and smells are possible but not externally.

That’s what a sociopropriation is. It’s a wrong and a wrong way of being socially or in other words morally.

Socioception is the sensation that you get which tells you what your sociopropriate status is or what someone else’s is. This may come in forms rendered by the vision mental faculty, audio, and so forth. There may be no sensation that is not utilized for this purpose, and this sort of status readout may not simply be applicable to sociopropriations. It can be applicable to things that a sport player may need on the field or a worker to do a job, a musician to play a piece, a mathematician to figure out large problems, or a scientists to figure out what is the cause of what.

The mind produces a perception, and the person follows it to find out if it works or not. Then they sort out which if these works and doesn’t, follows the ones that work, disregard the ones that don’t, and continuously build an archive of rights and wrongs all of their lives.

It’s like a “computer sock” like our body is like a robot body. It is us, and it works well for us if we do not get it mixed up. I say “computer sock” because of the layer that it appears as which seems “otherly” or extramente that has confused a great many into believing it is telepathic communications from the deities, spirits, the dead, demons, aliens, technologies, other people, animals, plants, rocks…

There is a great amount of confusion about this fundamental component readout of the mind.

To say that it is less important than the body would illogical. It’s more important to the body than the body is…for the practical purposes of the self; the organism, which has to live.

So when people are mangled physically this is much different than when their extramente is disordered. They manage to circumnavigate the defeat of their bodies, but they cannot circumnavigate the defeat of their extramente.

If the extramente tells one nothing, this means a negative symptom according to psychology.

If the extramente tells ones fallacy, this means a positive symptom according to psychology.

The former will not be so fruitful of a life, but the latter will be very twisted because of this state of mind.

Imagine the state of this extramente in its physical proprioception, socioception, audioception, visioception, and so on and so forth. Imagine this “computer sock” run amok completely to the individual’s disadvantage. It is a brain, and it is trying to save itself, but is confused in its logic, so it tries to save itself by defeating itself, thus it cannot win.

Once the split or Skhizen occurs, the logic forms are of the A and B, A or B, and A not B category. Before the split and after the split the logic form is A is B as in the mind is the mind not the mind is beside the mind.

The split is something like the horse and rider concept. Self is considered the horse rider, and the extramente that portrays telepathic people is considered the horse. These two fight each other because of the logical fallacy implanted in the logic core of the computations at the heart of the neural CPU. The logic gates are not coherent with logical reality, thus they are irrational or the values don’t match up to reality.

This disproportionate arrangement of the neural formations formed of repeated fallacy in society, misperception, lack of other understanding, and repeated conditioning wind up in a chemically imbalanced arrangement which produces a false state of mind that is “irrational” in accordance with external reality or the logicality of how a brain and mind really work.

No matter what information you put through this bio-machine, out will come a simulation that is the mind in a state of being beside itself and at odds with itself…

…instead of being able to use itself.

It is not impossible to believe that there have ever been government’s militaries that devised ways to implement this sort of thing on their enemies, so that they are incapacitated and led astray from any logical advantages through the logical uses of their brains that would wind up being the talents and expertises that defeat them.

Rather than mess with the enemies weapons or their bodies by using weapons they can simply mess with the enemy’s minds just by having people in robes or ties continuously telling them what reality is not, so that people cannot find out what reality is especially the reality of their minds. They’d be taught not to trust their own 5 senses, and as the populations falls for that kind of thing that takes out the majority of the competition against their regimes.

Again it is more important to have the working abilities of a honed extramente or “computer sock” of the mind than to even have a body. Also wounds heal, but this kind of schizogenesis from fallacious suggestegens proported by propagandists including entheogenic and psychadelic substances distributed in the habitat can defeat a population from getting up.

Look how many people are confused. Look how many people are lying down in the streets now, wandering the streets rambling at the sky or people that are not there in complete filth, or isolated to their rooms or homes all because of sz.

So that’s why I say that if it is possible to defeat this part of the mind, then it can be something that would be done by the governments and militaries.

I have noticed that the more logical I become while dumping any religious and pseudo religious suggestions about a sci fi fantasy reality and mind powers…

…the more that this extramente works for me.

The more this mental “computer sock” works for me, the more experience and memories of it working I accumulate.

This accumulation is stored in memory, and it is profound how it is accessed and even subconsciously assessed before being processed into the graphical readout of this extramente perception.

It is all but startling how well it recalls what I had forgotten, and the nuances that it can recall are just astounding.

I have only begun to go this route in my life. The last time I came close to going this way in life with myself and world/self view was when I was in high school for about a year. That was the best year of my life despite being an ignorant fool in many respects, but I was new to the world. I did not know why I was right, thus why I was having such a great life that year. It was because I dropped all thoughts of any deities and telepathies, and…

…I became a type a mind.

Type a minds believe that all that one sees, hears etc are all graphical readouts of the mind, so the person that you see or even the self that you see or sense otherwise is the mind. It is the brain’s rhetoric which is a translation of what you really are and what others really are or are doing or meaning.

Type b minds believe that their vision and hearing are true external reality. They believe that their externalized perception of themselves is truly them. They are never aware of any mind being the way they perceive these things with because they are not aware of the concept of mind. They may even be “psychophobic” which means that they are afraid of talking about minds or thinking about theirs.

Type a minds are not subject to becoming a type c mind. Type b minds are subject to becoming a type c mind via the means of suggestegens aided by entheogens and psychadelics etc.

The type c mind believes that all of the mind 100% is not an internal reality like type a minds nor a half internal and half external reality like type b minds. They believe that it is all externally controlled by others whether they are of the belief that other people are telepathically transmitting their thoughts into them, or there are deities, spirits, aliens, or technologies transmitting their thoughts into them.

This belief that their mind is other beings that are telepathically extended into them means that there is no inside/outside mind theory to their world view and self view paradigm. There is no safe haven from anyone in their mind, thus it is all considered mentally external as in the inside is an external environment because to be internal means to be without the exposure to other minds etc.

The type c that tries to become a type b won’t succeed. The type c that tries to become a type a will succeed because this is logical. Type be is a logical fallacy in the form of a fallacious state of mind. To transist from one fallacious state of mind into another will fail because it was the fact that the type b mind was fallacious to begin with that allowed that mind to transist into the type c mind.

It’s almost like a trap door that one falls into informatoinally into the chamber of the type c mind mentality. The mind is only an informatoinally phenomenon by the way…with its specific ontology and subconscious logic which is physical in form.

So to be metaphorical about this…to climb back into type b only causes a relapse into type c. To climb into type a will cause no relapse, and the progresses in life will be achievable and sustainable unlike for the type c form.

The problem with that challenge is that the information to become a type c is very commonly distributed around the world, and in some places it is enforced from the time of birth.

While fallacious information about the mind phenomenon is widely available, highly suggested, and often enforced from birth in some lands…

…the information about the logic of the mind, language, and the universe at once…

…is much harder to come by.

In the past you had to become rich to access these things, and often becoming rich was the main priority not studying, but the children could study on the rich parent’s budget.

Very few people could find this Trivium or junction of three roads where the grammar, logic, and rhetoric meet within the mind phenomenon. Not even everyone that could afford to would wind up here in there studies.

But once you find it, you never forget it, and once you have used it, your mind transitions into type a without remissions.

It’s truth, and the only way that most people are going to understand these teachings is to use a metaphorical word to describe it: religion. A religion implies sci fi fables and telepathic deities, entities, and people. Without the sci fi in the religion, it would just be politics. The same is true of fallacies purported as scientifically verified information. Fallacies cannot be scientifically measured, and politics are often just tricks, but that is what a religion is, yet so many people fall for all of these, and they have done so for many, many centuries. So they will continue to do so.

But the belief in the logic of self, language, and reality is simply to know the truth, and not be fooled by our minds when our brains do as they are told which are orders based on logical fallacies. So if you find the logic in the reality, then it’s simple. The brain will do as it is told, and the mind will be…

…a type a mind.

I think this is quite a feat. I think that most people having gone this way in life would be amazed to find it at last, and they’d be astonished by what they were fooled by before like so many others.

But certainly we want not to be this type c mind.

Always ask yourself this:

What is the sociopropriation of the a telepathic world?

How about a telepathic universe with telepathic beings that are unseen yet all seeing?

Or what if the rocks and plants and all of the animals were telepathic too?

Don’t forget about technologies and aliens which many people fall into believing.


…first you start out learning about what is right and wrong to do. That is what sociopropriation is about for a child learning about how people of their society are behaving in social context, and then they climb with what they have learned by acting it out until they’ve reached the social status which is the standard in their part of society.

But now throw in telepathy and fake beings etc which can reach into the mind, and they can manipulate the mind. They see all, know all, and they can remember everything you’ve ever thought about…

…in regards to every sociopropriation you’ve ever manifested in your mind.


I think before I even take the first chip at what this kind of reality looks like by deducing its logicalities, I’ll just say that this is a very profound kind of paradigm that is real, and people do have this type of paradigm. This is the type c paradigm.

How do you begin to act to a telepathic person in another room or in another house or car? What is right or wrong to do or not to do, and why?

What if you do the “socially wrong thing?” Keep in mind that what ever happens for doing the socially wrong thing, it’s your mind that replies, retaliates, or reacts to you in any case.

Then what happens when that person or thing does that in reply to what you have done or thought or even felt or even had abstained from doing?

The logical question is, what did you do to you when you didn’t do that or you did what you did to you?

To the type c mind it is not about logic. It’s about morality which implies a social setting or social atmosphere thus the sociopropriation’s logicality in this brain’s mental rhetoric; “the fallacious mind set.”

The double bind is set. Choosing morality or sociality in any appropriateness to yourself as if you are beside yourself, thus you are “selves,” is to do the illogical thing or the logical wrong. That’s when you are got, but the type c mind believes that by doing the logical thing is doing the immoral or antisocial thing…to oneself but while never knowing it is oneself and always in the belief that they are in sociopropriations with telepathic people and beings.

That double bind is a mental knot, and for the most part it is as amazing as Pythagorean Triangle or Triplet and the same with the mathematics in computation built into the block chain system. The double bind is a kind of self locking phenomenon in nature that is purely informational, self contradicting, and completely incapacitating.

How to escape it is the right question, but that is easy. For now the question is, what is this whole mental world that the type c mind is in about? What is the logicality of sociopropriations within that self to self mind dream?

Once you get in the habit of playing to yourself with sociopropriations, and you wind up needing who or whatever it is that you are pretending to be in telepathic connection with because you are abused or you are scared of financial failure, social failure, infinite prosecution as these supernatural fables tend to elude to…

…then it becomes everything to you. Every thought can be a telepathic signal broadcast from others. Everything thought can be read by others. Every action is on a record for infinity.

And you live like this as though you are a new child learning how to act at school and at home. You want to be in favor of all of them. You may want to be famous to all of them. You may want privileges for infinity from them. And you may want to avoid the worst that they can do to you including the possibility of infinite prosecution.

Obviously you are a type b mind, or you would never begin to contemplate these things as being remotely possible, and you begin to fall into the trap door like it were a slow moving quick sand hole…

…in your mind.

The mind is information. Keep that in mind now. The form of that information is the “form of the mind.” This thing called a mind is what the brain “says.” It’s brain rhetoric, and its rhetoric is a metaphorical simulation for what the information from within ourselves and from outside of ourselves means in terms of measurements. When you understand the Trivium and Quadrivium, you will understand this much more.

These mental values form ratios. The mind is an informational ratio. Information = form. The form of something in measurement only. Your mind is the image of a block not the block itself because the form that the block is in is not transportable, but the information impressed on light particles is transportable so much so that it can fit into microscopic systems between the eyes and the vision processor.

So as the child grows up, and there are no people, then what information has the child used to form the simulation of the world with? How about in regards to how society works between school and home? These things don’t exist to this child in any mental regard like they do to you and I?

This child may easily become scared of his or her own socioception while trying to produce some kind of social influence whether a pier with advice and power or not. In fact this describes much of the history of the civilization phenomenon.

That is a schizogenetic suggestegen. If this was imagined by the child alone without help, then it is an autonomous suggestion.

Now the mind is split, and the brain begins to process the simulation of the world and self in a paradigm according to type c logic: A and B, A or B, and A not B. The A is the mind, and the B is the mind, but per the specifications of that schizogenetic suggestegen B is not A. B is another A, and this is what the child wants. In fact this is what the child needs.

For something to be as strong as the strength of a socioception mental faculty to be a basic component of a species suggests that this is akin to hunger and the sensation of procreation in that it is most relevant to how the reproductive lines have survived in the wild and/or domestic civilization.

But these sensations can be tricked such as slowly feeding someone poison or hallucinogens to make them more impressionable or molesting them.

The trick of the socioception is to feed them logical fallacies that trick them into a double bind, so that they are doing what appears to be the morally right thing, and they wind up doing the logically wrong thing, thus they are screwed up for life, for generations, or just temporarily such as if you’ve ever been tricked into trusting someone, feeling sorry for the person, and you turn out to be the loser that’s been duped.

All three of these tricks are examples of usurpation, and usurpation is very common and very widespread in the wold for a very long time and likely to persist for much longer.

And you can easily see that the inherent result is that the…

…socioception, bodioception, audioception, visioception, are all going to be drastically fallacious when someone is abiding by false logic such as the logical fallacies such as tales of telepathy, the inherent ontology of the sociopropriation that follows which is extremely ornate, complex, and long standing over years with the person, and way that the brain has to be appropriate visually, audibly, and bodily in a reality such as that.

That person is transparent. That is what type c mind is based on.

The mind will work over time full throttle up to a panicking roar trying to appropriate all of these things within its abilities to produce the predictive extramente to the point it has mentally crashed as they call it in computing, but it is called a mental breakdown in psychology.

And there is no escape this person of the type c mind knows because it is all a product of this person’s brain to begin with.

  1. That brain compensates for a false reality by simulating such a thing.

  2. Tactics are learned in this system, and what means what is remembered to describe and interact this false reality.

  3. Extramente then compute predictively what it is supposed based on what the brain remembers about that environment regardless of it being logical or illogical. In fact it is computing mostly pertaining to moral right and wrong because of the suggestegens that said there are deities and thus telepathic people.

  4. Wanting to “hear back” from the other people or beings the person believes that the extamente is them, so the wishes of this person are complete.

  5. The person does not want them to go away or prosecute the person for eternity, so the person plays morally relative to what this fabricated reality pertains to as far as the assumed physics of it such as invisible beings and people, telepathic broadcasting beings and people, eternal prosecutions etc.

  6. The double bind is clasped in the mind, and it is not unlockable until it has been fed Trivium like information. This is why Rx can work in some cases and never does in other cases. It’s also why social support works much more than non-social support. It’s just a matter of realization and continued input life long.

Over and over, minute by minute, day by day and year by year the cycle 1-6 is begins with double bind’s clasp components, and completes in locking. This is called a cybernetic loop.

Once you have suffered within this phenomenal state of mind, you’ll never forget how superstition can infect not simply a mind but a brain physically in its neural pathways and chemical balance.

What you think you know is what you do, and this goes for the lone child in the wilderness with no one as well as the student of sci fi fables taught as truth and logic.

What you do and why you do it are what the mind’s simulation of yourself, your reality, and your meaning in that reality in a social to moral context. Why are those telepathics doing that to you? This is an actual question that one stuck in this schizogenic double bind dwells on day by day. The answer is imperative to this brain because it is based on life and death itself or so the brain has been led to believe. To us we can see that this kind of type c brain thinks that its mind will kill itself, but to that type c mind it is a magically world of imaginary beasties; a virtual wilderness so savage and relenting with all bared out to them and no hope.

Remember that the mind is a simulation like a virtual reality and not the real reality. Even the mind’s representation of itself is virtual reality simulation not the real self. So when this is attacked, and one is in pain, the pain and the mental awareness of this damaged self is all virtual reality simulation.

Those wounds heal, but this kind of virtual wilderness does not heal. The wounds continue day and night. To say to you the peril of PTSD can only open a window the size of a key hole for you to peer into this dystopian wilderness.

What I am doing is about mapping out these informational chambers of the mind. It’s a life long ambition; one, to escape this subjective cybernetic loop, and two, to retrieve what would otherwise be a good specimen for good scientific measure. It has been a very painful experience which I know intricately. It’s not the only subject area I know intricately. I’m in the business of knowing subject areas intricately like a polymath. :slight_smile:

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