No sleep or food

I hardly sleep. And I lost my apetite. Are these bad signs of relapse? I need to eat but I’m not hungry. I only ate a small lunch yesterday and a little cake to breakfast this morning. I’ve lost the feeling of hunger.

Maye I need to call my pdoc. Oh. She is on vacation. Call someone else doctor. I see my psychologist on thursday. Maybe I can wait until then.

Taking meds at night helps some. But a lot of it comes from was i had to stop trying. If u try to fall asleep ull stay up but if u try to stay up u get tired and fall asleep. And ive had the eating problem too lately. It just all felt gross going down my throat (look up tokyo ghoul perfect example) but its been getting better. Eat small easy things like veggies. Too be honest ive thought about becoming vegetarian

Family doctor of GP (general practitioner) can be used as a temporary pdoc. They are just not specialized in mental health. Having them work working together at knowing my history has worked well for me.

lift lotsa weights and you will definately get your appt back

Thanks. I feel like walking in a dream. Worried this means worse stuff are coming. I’ll talk to my psychologist on thursday. I’ve taken days off work.


i done that before
i remember getting really sensitive to my surroundings like having an eerie connection with them

like every time a car drove by i would get nauseous and the birds speaking plain English to me

I’ve felt that too. Being one with my surroundings.