Worried I am heading towards a relapse

I have been feeling just terrible for about a week now. Normally in the past I would feel bad for like a day then feel better.

But now from the moment I wake till the moment I sleep I am terrible. So bad it scares me

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Anxiety? Hallucinations?

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I’m worried about you too. I think you should call your medical team and let them know.


Are you sleeping?

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I think it’s anxiety

I have gone from barely sleeping to sleeping all the time

Don’t you take any med for anxiety?

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best get in touch with your pdoc and let them know what’s going on? sorry brother.

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yeah, i think you should tell your doc, care team as well

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I agree with the others, have you let one of your professionals know?

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You may need to force a psych appointment like I did today

Try and avoid it if you can @anon94176359

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This afternoon has been a bit better. Spoke to some pals online.

I often wonder where the line is drawn in meds, Schizophrenia, drinking, etc…
Every time I think and make it official that I’ll never do it again I relapse – how do I know when it’s over??

@anon94176359 if you’re sleeping a lot I have two more questions. Do you feel rested? Are you getting any exercise or at least going outside?

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No don’t feel rested and no have not been outside

I have 3 suggestions.

  1. Definitely call your doctor, a crisis line, or someone you trust so you’re not figuring this out alone.

  2. Go outside barefoot if it’s not too cold where you are and let your skin touch the ground. It’s amazing how much that helps me connect to reality.

  3. Do something physical. Pushups, situps, stretch, whatever you can. You can do this inside or outside.

This helps me. It might help you for today.

Its winter here so I suggest looking out the window and watching cars pass. It helps me feel more solid. Do seek help, we want you to be proactive a psychotic break is something that you might not remain unchanged from. If its anything else medically let them figure that out for you. Please get help. I’m rooting for you.

Hang it there honey. It never lasts forever.

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Put out a little extra effort to get you over the top.

At the risk of over thinking: