No sleep for me

Rushing into psychosis faster and faster. Have not slept at all tonight. I’ve been waiting for my pdoc to call since thursday! I need to up my meds.

She has 30 minutes phone consultation today. This week. I will go completely nuts if I don’t get through on the phone.

I’ve cancelled my meetings today. I can hardly think. I have a head ache.

I have 4 meds. Not working. Is this hypomania? It’s not mania. I don’t feel great and invincible. I still feel nothing. I hate anhedonia.

I’ll try to sleep during the day.

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I hope you can manage to get some sleep and it helps a bit. Good luck!

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Maybe you could try an over the counter sleep aid like ambien. Sometimes when I couldn’t sleep I just needed to prick that adrenalin bubble that kept me awake.

Well …thats your moniker yes?.. im the same way ,I take naps and usually they add up to a full 8 hrs .

I have 4 different sleeping meds. I combine them all but can’t sleep. I think I need to up my seroquel or something.

I might be able to get some sleep while my son is in school. Made him a great breakfast with fried egg and sandwich and juice. He was happy to get up this morning.

I got tired of watch him sleep. Got him up in time this morning. He wants to sleep to 7:30 AM and run to school. But not this morning. He has time to watch tv. :slight_smile:

So sorry - can you go into ER?

I’m not THAT bad yet. They will just turn me around and send me home. I also have a crisis team to call in the evening. I was stupid and called them 5 AM instead of 10 PM. They can’t help me sleep at 5 AM.

Keep yourself occupied at the very least

Do you want a game to play?

I have games on my computer. But nothing keeps me interested. I don’t get the “reward” in my brain from playing games or doing stuff. Nothing is fun to do. I don’t even watch tv because it’s boring and I can’t focus.

I used to play a text based online game for over six years, it has a great and active community. I was unfortunately banned for picking a fight with an admin at one point, but I feel like the community might be a beneficial distraction for some of the people here. I wish I could still play

I know it’s odd to say, but I would counsel my patients to try a little red wine and masterbation. Climaxing releases chemicals that make you relax and some times fall to sleep.

Whatever you do, I’d caution against benadryl/unisom. If you don’t fall asleep, you’re gonna have a really bad time.

I have Alimemazin. Makes you a zombie next day. Don’t think we have benadryl in Sweden.

The chemical is diphenhydramine, if you don’t fall asleep it acts as a deliriant and gives you dysphoric, terrifying hallucinations.

I freaking love fried egg sandwich …throw a slice of cheese on there and im up for another 2-3 hrs thats ok.

You aren’t the only one ,im not afraid of the dark I just prefer to be awake at that time,im fully nocturnal.

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Are you watching tv? What are you whatching? Im watching this cop chase thing.

I am sorry that you are heading to psychosis, here where I am we have a telephone number for acute cases, they even come to a person’s home, I do not know if you have a such telephone number.

Nope. Never watch tv. Can’t focus. Don’t remember what happened so I don’t understand what happens next. I listen to music a lot.

I do. But they don’t do anything but advice or drive you to ER. I’m not psychotic yet. But another night without sleep I propably am. 8 hours left before I can call her.

They picked me up once and drove me to ER. And then I got stuck in there for months. Not want to do that again.