Mania cant sleep

I literally feel like im on coke or speed or something it just wont stop. I could write a 10 page paper right now if i wanted to. I don’t even feel euphoria anymore i just feel speedy and it wont stop. How do u get ur mania to stop if u ever get mania. Mostly im normally just depressed but this is terrible too. Bad headache. No voices (which is good) but just cant stop. Guess thats y ive been posting a lot idk but it wont stop. I just want to go to sleep. Please god let me go to sleep or im gonna lose my ■■■■


Just breath im going through same thing first night it happend actualy went to the er was so worried. I had my doc give me a script for valum it helps. If you have anything like xanax this is the only way i keep from lising my ■■■■ at night now. I also pace the floor breath deep and sometimes sing.

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Typically in August, I get hypomanic. During such a period, I have more energy and sleep less and swear more. My friends and family tell me my jokes aren’t very funny.

I just keep increasing my antipsychotic medication and decreasing my antidepressant medication until it passes. I try to make sure not to buy too much or get married!