No idea what to do with my life


Stupid rant ahead sorry. I’m just pretty down and looking for a starting point. I just lost my job, I’m losing my apartment in a couple weeks, I lost my friends and family because of an abusive relationship, and I’m scared to see my psychiatrist for new meds because he keeps putting me on form. I’m having trouble getting anything together because I’m currently relying on a very abusive person and I spend most days cutting myself and being a paranoid (insert whatever I am here). I really just need to ride out the night because I have had too much caffeine and I don’t know how to ignore the voices I’m hearing and the ideas I’m getting. Does anyone please have any suggestions for ignoring this stuff and getting your life organized?



I have found that it helps to have goals. As far as the symptoms go, medicine is your best chance of having decent quality of life. I’d try to focus on something. Make up your own daydream to battle the ideas and voices. Some people put headphones in and listen to music.


I takes time. Or at least it did for me. At first you just have to accept thats the way it is. Sit back and be at peace with yourself you still have control. Thoughts can be tedious but they are yours and they are private. You must transcend them slowly and separate yourself from the implications. Anyways you will eventually come to a point of control and familiarity with your thought patterns. These things can change it just takes time. The best thing you can do is relax and ride the storm out.

I also have a tendency to drink to much caffeine and thats when the voices are the worst. It is just something to avoid. But who am I to give advice I just had some coffee and its like 9 pm.

Its a long battle and a hard life. Count your blessings and live fully to your ability. Help and support are easy to find as long as your a somewhat reasonable person.


Hey thanks for helping. I really need to get back on my medication I’m just scared to go back and see a doctor because they don’t understand and when they hear I’m getting worse they put me on form for three days of hell in the hospital.


Right thanks I need to be more patient.


Don’t fret too much about it. Not being med compliant is a sign to them that you are not doing well. They want to nip possible issues in the bud. I’m on Risperdal which I take every night. I am in college and I have a part time office job. You can get to where you are functioning at a good level if you stay on your meds. Really it’s the main weapon we have, medication. It is something that I accepted as part of my life. I am like my brother who has MS. I will have to be on medication for the rest of my life. If you can walk through that door it will make your life livable.


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Do you still hold hope??i hope you do…


Personally, I’ve been thinking about trying Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). There is a woman named Kati Morton on the internet who gives help and therapy on line. She promotes these two therapies. It’s possible you could find help from one of these two types of therapies.


I don’t ignore voices when they come…for me it is rarely they actually come. If they are there they are there…it’s all about what i do with them. I don’t take anything personal (unless its a good message or guidance)…at times I may laugh at them. the few times I’ve got the bad type mocking voices I learned to turn it around on them and start to call them miserable, lonely, or basically whatever they are accusing…and telling them they must be in an awful place to want to speak such things to people.
I also rely on my faith in God and his power to deal with this.

Too much caffeine can make you manic, too excitable, and abusive relationships can cause traumas that can lead to depression, PTSD, etc, which in turn can become symptom like thoughts and actions.

As for cutting, just throw the cutting stuff away and think on better things when thoughts to cut come to you.

I know it probably sounds simple and it isn’t, but that’s what needs worked through.


This time of year can be a big stress for everyone. Your main priority atm is making sure you have a roof over your head and food and water. Especially if you’re in the winter season. Otherwise just take some time and think of what you want to accomplish in the new year. Look after yourself in the meanwhile.

Most symptoms seem to be triggered by stress . Reducing stress and reducing worrying helps with the symptoms. As I said try to prioritize your needs atm and it will all help. Be good to yourself as it helps also.