How do you guys deal

I’m living in a nightmare I think someone poisoned me and I’m so confused. They talk to me so disrespectfully don’t want to listen someone is in my body sleeping in me just want a normal life how do you guys deal?

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Do you manage to eat and sleep?

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Go walking, watch TV, play video games, sleep, talk to my mum, spend time with family, go to a couple of groups each week, talk to the mental health team/nurse

Take my medication.

I hope you feel better soon.

Those are my ways of coping. I hope they may give you some ideas to find your own ways. Some people read or paint or write. But there are other distractions. Some people go to the gym.

I’m trying to deal with some side effects right now and that’s grinding on me so I’m really trying to distract myself until I chat with nurse on Thursday.

Your not alone. Just know that. And there is this forum.


I take my meds and all the people in my body and paranoia go away. Please take your meds. You are ruining your mental health like this.


For some reason I’m afraid to watch tv think they can read my intrusive thoughts, sometimes afraid to go out, got yelled at and ridicule yesterday by a bunch of girls. I try to control my thoughts around people and hope I can persevere.

Can you talk to your doctor about what is going on ?

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I started internalizing everything and making the voices argue and argue and fight with me until it got to the point to where they started being nice to me and agreeing with me. Browse research online. The best way is to turn your voices inward and acknowledge them quietly. Play counselor to your voices in your own head. Correct the Imagery with your mind. REALIZE that your brain and body are YOUR personal thoughts. Nobody can hear them but YOU. It is your brain and body working out stressors and trauma. NOBODY else’s business but your own.

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I accept, I am two, I found a way to live together in the same body. One is that every body know but another is deep in mind.

I’ve said this over and over on many threads but I “deal” by doing yoga, meditating, practicing piano, prayer, reading, social media, owning a cat, nutritious meals, taking my meds religiously, keeping my doctor and nurse appointments and sleeping 9-10 hours a night. It all works beautifully in keeping me very stable. I am sza.


I don’t feel like I have any control over my thoughts please help

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It will get better. You have to give it time. Once you realize you’re in charge of them, you can fight them and control them better… It helps realizing they have no basis in reality.
Regardless of how much they persist.

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I wish so badly I could come up with a way to be off meds and manage sz really well. But I can’t and so I deal with it by taking my meds. What the meds don’t take care of, it’s up to me (as it is you) to come up with flawless logical rationales so that you stay in reality rather than exist in the sz version of reality. Doing so takes time and is very frustrating (I know I have a lot of room for improvement still :stuck_out_tongue: ) . Best wishes

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Call your pdoc and tell him/her exactly what you just told us. Give him/her a chance to make you better.

Things can get better!!!

I was feeling tortured 24/7 for years and eventually my voices stopped and my body relaxed more and I still had and have symptoms but not as severe .

I agree talk to your dr.

Make a care plan .

Water soothes and helps me even just a shower.

Take pride in the little things you can do and the ability you still have.

I can be proud for doing the dishes and taking garbage out, feeding us, baking,watering plants and coping and getting through the more difficult moments where I do not feel I am coping.

Be nice to yourself .
Understanding and encouraging.

Crewchetting helped me.
I crewchetted my way out of full blown psychosis a few times I think.

I truly believe things can get better for you.

Wishing you well!!!:pray:t3:

what is crewchetting?

I wrote a bunch of poetry, drew things I saw or just ran wild with my imagination in my drawings. Meditation helps too. It helps clear your mind and silence the voices. Just remember that YOU are in control. Always…

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