Still csnt eat

Ive been really paranoid someone poisoned my food for a week now. Ive eaten maybe 2000 calories since and im lucky for that much. Im convinced someone did this last night tho i only ate after really inspecting a packaged item and it tasted extremely bland. It was pizza and it tasted like wet cardboard even with spices on it i could barely taste the spices. Ive never had this happen before this bad

You should go to the hospital i think. Because only eating 200 calories in a week is the same as being gravely disabled because you can’t take care of yourself.


You really need to check in to a hospital. You’ve been telling us things that indicate you really need care. If you don’t go, soon you may be placed involuntarily based on the things you’ve been saying.


I remember being in the hospital and I thought they were gonna poison me but it was really a blood test. It’s delusional thinking

They say that a behavioral approach is best for eating disorders. You might check and see if you can find a behavioral psychologist… You need to eat.

I dont think i have an eating disorder, this is the first time this has happened and its due to paranoia

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I also think someone poisons my food.

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I cant go back to the hospital

May I ask if your on medication for your paranoia?

MoonGarden: may I ask if your seeing a professional about the “poisoning” thoughts?

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Im on latuda. I want to get it increased when i see my pdoc next.
I see a pdoc and a therapist. I had a case manager and a health coach but i stopped seeing them a few months ago

Ah. Thank you MoonGarden.

I don’t have experience with Latuda; maybe another user here does.

When you were seeing your case manager and health coach, did you have these thoughts then?
When you were seeing your case manager and health coach, did you feel better?

I saw both of them for about a year. I go through psychosis every 3 or 4 months no matter what it seems.

I’m sorry to hear about your psychosis.

I hope you find the solution needed to get through the psychosis, this time.

Why can’t you go to hospital?

I have 3 weeks of school left, it would be too stressful to get behind now, plus I’m really broke

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Ok. You really need to force yourself to eat. I know it’s really hard, but put all your effort into it

I did. I had poptarts and yogurt this morning, it tasted awful

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I’m glad you ate something.

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Try to force feed yourself until you get feeling better drink lots of fluids

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I had fhe poptarts yogurt and had a granola bar