Crystal’s help thread

Created this cuz the last one was nearing 1000


So you have homicidal ideation??

Smoky crystals are my favorite they remind me of a captured fire

Not now thankfully

Will eat pizza today too

I had pizza yesterday. Today I’m having chicken I think

Weren’t you going on a diet?

not yet lol

i’m just trying to eat less

I lost100 pounds in a year. I ate pizza once a week while losing. I just ate less the rest of the day


When will you start? Pizza is delicious, I know.

Next week I guess

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That sounds like a very sustainable strategy to me.

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Will you eat a lot of leafy vegetables?

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It is. I plan my food a day in advanced. I figure out how to stay in my calorie budget and then just stick to it.

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yeah i’ll try lol

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Good on you. It’s impressive to achieve that much weight loss in a year - it takes a lot of discipline and determination.

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Yeah. It was hard. But I’m so glad I did it!


Why were u this way

I don’t know tbh

@Bowens yummy food

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