I believe that there’s a nightmare waiting for me each night, no matter what I do I still get it …
Do you have your share of nightmares ? how many ? are they related to your SZ symptoms ?
Is there a way u can stop it !


I do get night mares. They are a mix of my sz and stuff that really does bother me in the day to day. The SZ related ones are sicker and more unsettling then the day to day related ones. I have a few a week or so. I can’t really stop them. I do notice that when I take a bath or do something really relaxing before bed I’ll have better dreams. Or at least I think I do.

If I’m really upset about something before I go to bed, I will sleepwalk.


i have these dreams not really nightmares, where the bullies that used to bully me in school i would get into fights with them maybe kill them or beat the ■■■■ out of them or i would get the ■■■■ kicked out of me, but it don’t bother me because in my dreams i feel no pain and i know it…i have allot of dreams centered around my school days. ill have a lot of dreams of my best friend or this girl i liked in college…but most of the time in my dreams i notice that if i dream long enough, meaning i wake up and go back to sleep enough times the dream gets crazy, and i lose my ability to move my legs and im crawling slowly on the ground…and sometimes i will do stupid ■■■■, and i would blame it on my sz…so lately this has been my dreams…i wouldn’t consider them nightmares though, what i consider nightmares are the dreams that make me wake up in a cold sweat or scare the ■■■■ out of me and wake me up and my heart racing…


i have nightmares that im raped or of corpses and death and apocalypses


I used to have nightmares of men in long white coats chasing me around and people who I thought I loved selling my soul 5x over to the soul brokers who kept impatiently waiting and tricking me to die.


i very rarely have bad dreams, ever, probably 5 a year.
sorry you guys do .
take care


sleep walking really scares me, I hope that I don’t do that too…well I tried to do relaxing stuff before sleeping and I felt it inducing my psychosis more !


That’s so bad “fear” I hope it goes away… is it induced by things had happened in your past ?


I always dream of the person I was engaged too…she split when I first got sick


That’s something I was talking about in the previous forum; something bad happens in our lives that triggered the SZ, it’s good that you only dream of her not seeing nightmares about her.


My doctor told me it is common for schizophrenics to have nightmares. I sure had them when I first got sick. Frightening, depressing nightmares. Every night for a couple months.


I’m not sure I dream at all at night. I wake up 2-3 times every night. Maybe I have nightmares, something makes me sit up in panic. But I can go to sleep again when I realize where I am and I calm down.



well idk. ive never been actually raped. so its not in my past.
i dont know really