Does having schizophrenia effect your dreams? do you have bizzare dreams

I was diagnosed with schizophrenia last year, right around the time my psychosis began I started to have alot of really intense dreams every night. Most of them scarry or bizzare, I usually woke up sweating and out of breath. Although I’m thinking clearly now I still have the dreams. Is it like this for you guys?

(Examples of dreams I’ve had: a big explosion I knew was going to happen to the point where I walked away from the building only to turn around to see people burning, a sasquach that killed a bear who was decapitated and had the head of a human, jumping off big cruise ships where people I once loved were trying to help me find my baby and being trapped inside a big clock with a grey haired guy in a lab coat…)
Keep in mind the dreams started before I was taking meds and continued while on them and while changing them.
What are your dreams like? Would love to hear about them


absolutely i keep having weird ass dreams like having a psychotic episode.

I have lots of bizarre dreams and lots of nightmares.

Yes… lots of paranoid dreams… lots of very vivid and bizarre dreams some times they feel so real it’s hard for me to remember they were in fact dreams.

I used to have many nightmares, and bizzare dreams, too, now they have stopped for a while, but I think they’ll come back…

I am having a problem with nightmares right now to the extent that I avoid sleep somewhat. Really need to talk to a doctor about that. :frowning:


My dreams and my voices hate each other, each night is a battle to see who gets to control my brain.

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I rarely remember my dreams. I did have a good dream last night about having 10 persian kittens though. :cat: :blush:

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When my psychosis is active it tends to make me have far more vivid and lucid dreams. They’re cooler to experience in other words.

Actually had the most vivid and bizarre dreams ever when the docs put me on Risperdal, Luvox, Inderal and Klonopin back in '97. I “lived” in my dreams and “died” when I woke up. Feh.

Of course. Freud and Jung didn’t mess around with that stuff for nothing.

yes sometime I also see unusual dream, like flying and doing some great magical things or more like that, I forget most of them.

I’d say it does indeed. I think the belief that there is more in my brain than just my personal consciousness allowed for a greater depth of feeling like I was interacting with something else in my head. They called themselves illuioneers… The dream crafters.

I often have strange dreams. I use to take higher doses of clonidine for them.

I have nightmares a lot. Not really horrifying nightmares just embarrising dreams or like having some excuse that sends me back to high school as my current age but having to take day classes with the teenagers…or dreams were people don’t listen to me and it usually ends up bad,and I feel annoyed. Or I have dreams were I’m lost a lot too, wake up places I shouldn’t be…

But I’m on anti-psychotic medications and they can affect your dreams.

I only have disturbing dreams when I am on an emotional binge. Lately I’ve been having dreams where I’m taking a test at school and I am way unprepared for it. It’s not a good dream, but I wouldn’t call it a nightmare. It’s been ages since I’ve been at school.

I have nightmares a lot but they say withdraw from weed does that. at least I think that’s what causes my weird nightmares. they are vivid and I kind of enjoy them.


My dream life has been more active since I’ve been on meds. I used to dream only very infrequently, like once every couple of years that I would remember, but over the last three years I’ve had probably about a dozen dreams that I recall. Most often at night I wake up and my head is filled with living energy patterns, which I wouldn’t call a proper dream.

My dreams are fairly normal, but I get a few weird ones here and there that I mostly forget. I remember in 2005 when I was in a really bad state in hospital I had dreams of alien invasions and bombs dropping on the city. But in further relapses I forgotten any notably strange dreams.

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I did for a while after i got out of the hospital. The main one i remember was my first one. There was some monster. It was grey like it was dead but all it was,was skin & it tore a piece of its skin off and there was nothing in there but dark space. I’m not talking like outer space, it was just hollow, nothing in there. I didn’t know what it meant at the time but the longer that i was on the medicine i was on at the time, i figured out what it meant. The monster was me cause months later, or maybe weeks later, i felt empty on the inside & i found out that it was called apathy. Over time the antidepressant finally started kicking in & i was feeling better but it took a long time to start working like it was supposed to. It took me over a year for it to finally start making me happy/content. I’m still on the antidepressant but I’m off the anti-psychotic i was on & on a different that has worked a whole lot better for me.

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