Do you like dreaming?

Lately ive been having such cool dreams !!

Do u like dreaming ?

  • Yes
  • No

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You’re not the only one


Usually my dreams cause uncomfortable emotions. Sometimes I actually have anxiety attacks because of my dreams. If I start getting too many bad dreams I take prazosin to stop it. The last therapist I saw said it had something to do with PTSD.

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My dreams have been disturbing my sleep recently. I usually get sick of it by 3/4am and get up.

I used to enjoy dreaming.

Last night I dreamed that I jumped off a building and I woke up when I hit the ground

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Yeah that is the worst !

I dream too much, and my dreams are often weird.
I rarely have nightmares, but I don’t feel rested when I wake up due to the amount of dreams.

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Nope, I get nightmares and they can effect my symptoms. Keep me up at night at times. Hurt me.

I don’t like them

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I don’t like to dream, to vivid for me.

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I havent had a bad dream in years. For me I am normally more happy and things are more interesting than real life.

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I like dreaming at night, but I hate daydreaming. Waste of time, and it usually ■■■■■ up my long term goals to the extent that I get stuck.

Yeah sometimes my dreams are nice, usually it’s a good expereince.

i live for good dreams, bad ones suck but the good ones make up for it

My dreams are most often nightmares, the one I had last night is the worst one I’ve had in over a year. My brain was broken and I couldn’t even talk, and I didn’t know it was a dream… I just thought the schizophrenia had progressed into something much worse. It was horrifying.

I sleep about 12 hours a night and I always have very vivid dreams, so, I must like dreaming.

Yes i like dreaming.
When i was on invega for around 8 months i had really vivid dreams that seemed so real, but the side effects of invega got unbearable. So i’m back on zyprexa and i don’t remember much about dreams now.

and It reminds me of a song.

I should mention I have some fun dreams every now and then, they always involve levitation, flight, or telekinesis. I used to have dreams about my dead cat being alive again. Those are my favorites. I’m just more prone to remembering the scary dreams in detail as opposed to the good ones, which I usually forget.

I often have adventurous dreams. I also often have dreams where I miss the bus or train or get out too late. I very rarely have nightmares though, a few weeks ago but before that almost a decade ago

I rarely remember them since I’ve been on the meds. The ones I usually remember are like I’m at work or something. Haven’t worked in like 15 years and I still dream of work. Go figure.

I still dream of work too.

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I like day dreaming but night dreams usually disturb me