Do you have Nightmares?

Does anyone have nightmares?

I was dreaming, again, that ppl wanted to kill me and a guy shot me in the back. It was so painful. A lot of threat from them. I was so scared all the time.

I am plagued by nightmares. I often don’t want to sleep because of my dreams. I dream about traumatic things that have happened to me, and I wake up gasping for breath and panting. I wake my wife a lot doing this. Tonight is a “no sleep” night. I hate insomnia and nightmares.

Last night my dreams were kind of nightmarish. Sometimes my dreams get disturbing. It makes me not want to sleep. It’s usually during times of emotional disturbance that I have nightmares.

I dream that I cut a large chunk of hair out of head and have bald patch

No, I don’t call them nightmares. I call them lessons and adventures, even training.
Monsters and demons, nuclear war, feeling the blast of a shock wave, planes crashing, being caught in a raging flood of water,
Intricate mazes that I have to get through to escape or avoid creatures or humans after me.
Aliens, MIB, terrorists…I got shot…
Horrid humans who do awful things, or try to but fail
… a few nights ago a gross shapeshifting mutant human that looked more like a hairless Gorilla was sent after me because I supposedly did something to my friend I had in 1st grade (Which I didn’t), and I was shown a scene of me and him when we were 6 having an argument (Which we didn’t) …then I had to fight the mutant and me and another person ended up defeating it and I escaped up the side of a stone building.

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If I sleep on meds I don’t dream. If I successfully fall asleep without sleepingmeds I have nightmares. I’d like to be able to sleep without sleepingpills.

I took some Remeron before and it causes very vivid dreams. They are lucid to a point but I didn’t like them because there were many elements where i wasn’t lucid…extremely bright colors though. I dream in color anyways (except for 1 time travel dream) but the dreams on Remeron were very bright reds, yellows and oranges

I go through periods of nightmares , then inmightnt have one for a few weeks then it starts again.

I had Remeron for a year. Gained 30 kg. And did nothing but sleep and eat. I was sleeping both day and night. Hate it.

I have Zopiclone and Nitrazepam now.

I have nightmares that I’m forced to return to high school…sometimes I’m being chased, the other night I had a weird nightmare I was young kid in a small town, and the town was being haunted by evil spirits. Last night I don’t recall any strange dreams, I had a fever of 102 before I went to bed and took two aspirin so I was pretty zonked out for a while.

Always have dreams I’m in a classroom and I’m falling behind, looking stupid to other classmates.Other times I have death, being on strange worlds, flying… just bizarre dreams really, I have very vivid dreams. When I ask my brothers or my family they say they do not dream that much.

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no…i’m the scariest thing in my dreams…things run away from me…and i’m not joking.
take care :alien:


That’s happened to me in my dreams a lot too, and if i get chased I outsmart the chasers, leaving them baffled, or as in the case last night with the mutant, completely destroyed.
The 10 or so Gray aliens that tried to block me from going through a maze I just met head on, flew a little bit and hit them from above - just with hands and feet…they all disintigrated

:heart: like.
cool…out smart them…then destroy them…but show mercy where it is due.
take care from impressed dark :alien:

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I didn’t go after the MIB that appeared after the aliens were gone. We had a conversation. I saw what he didn’t want me to see and lied to me about…he told me it was a downed weather baloon when what i saw was the scattered parts of a crashed spaceship…he left me alone and i left him alone…I woke up to turn on the news and see the shuttle crash and the scattered debris of a real spaceship.

:hearts: like .
it goes to show you have the ’ sight ', to see beyond the lies…good on you.
take care dark :alien:

My dreams are either fantastic or disturbing nightmares. They are never really anywhere in between. How’s that for black and white?

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mine are also either incredibly vivid and wild or just plain horrifying/disturbing