Nicotine may benefits schizophrenia

smoking is no wrong


I’ve heard of this must say notice cognitive deficits everytime I try and quit.

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sorry i dun quite get it

i think it helps in my experience of smoking ( very few) but it may last very short , not even few hours

Well I am more alert and calm and think clearer when smoking, when I try and quit I get clumsy and slow.

it is like meds and when u quit ur symptoms come back

Maby I should switch to gum

not sure gum can do the same, meds alone dun do enough work?

Meds work just great, I make up all sorts of excuses not to quit nicotine. Im addicted in a bad way.

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if smoking is seen as benficial to schizophrenia , it should not be seen as sth bad , it is just like meds , and we have to take our meds for life, aren’t we? so what’s the difference

not quite sure though…if it is the addiction itself or the illness itself, we are addicted to our drugs as well , aren’t we

Yes we cant do without the medication or we go mad

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Nicotine helps me. Strange but true.

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you get nicotine from tobacco or other stuff?

from tobacco but you also get gum and patches with it

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oh i dun know there is gum that with nicotine

yea its called nicorettes.

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Smoking kills!

At the end of my smoking, I could barely breathe. My coughing has lessened since stopping smoking.


Tobacco companies have been seriously invested in protecting schizophrenics’ right to smoke. Tobacco companies have funded many studies that show smoking is good for schizophrenics.

You don’t have to take my word for it. You can do the research yourself. Google something like “Studies Schizophrenia Smoking”. You can read the abstracts of the several studies and read until the study says who funded it. R J Reynolds, of course.

@Jayster couldnt agree more; but nicotine, in its isolated form, has its benefits.