Nicotine gum

Anyone tried it? I woke up with a sore throat after smoking a pack yesterday and I just had it with cigarettes. Im chewing a 4mg piece of it right now and I dont want a cigarette. I feel the effects of a cigarette but my lungs arent getting filled with tar. I think this feels too good to be true. Im thinking there must be a catch or everyone would be chewing nicarette.


I once tried the nicotine patch, and I got an ocular migraine out of it. I wasn’t able to see for a little while. So I am hesitant about any nicotine replacement therapies.

I stop smoking tomorrow…yes again…haha…all I have is the 4 mg gum to help me…I’m ready, I’m ready I’m ready as Spongebob Squarepants says…haha…


the catch is, you’re still getting nicotine. It doesn’t really help if you’re trying to quit, because it can’t cure your addiction if it’s still giving you the thing you’re addicted to. I quit cold turkey over 2 years ago, and while it sucked, it was probably the best thing I ever did for myself.


I Googled side effects of nicotine gum a few weeks ago and read some real horror stories of the effects of long-term use. And it’s just as hard to quit as cigarettes. So some people have gotten into trouble using it for years.

That’s great you decided to quit smoking. The advantages of using the gum or the patch is that you can tackle the habit of smoking before handling the physical addiction. The disadvantage is you’re still giving your body nicotine, but it is so much better then smoking. I quit years ago using the patch. My friends couldn’t understand why I was using it if I was trying to quit smoking. I tried explaining that it tackles the habit of smoking so that I could be more successful, but I’m not always great with words so I don’t think they got it. Something that helps with an addiction is to think of something repulsive associated with that addiction. Every time you get a craving “experience” every aspect of that thought. Try not to pick something you can justify away. When I quit smoking I got it in my head that if I had a cigarette it would taste horrible and would hurt my sinuses. Every time I had a craving I would imagine how it would feel if I had a cigarette. After two years of being a nonsmoker I started again because of stress. So even when you think you’re far enough along you’re never quite out of the woods. Stay strong! :sunny:

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I quit cold turkey also, and I was a 2 pack a day smoker - cold turkey is really the only way to go with nicotine addiction, but if the nicotine gum helps you, then by all means chew away!

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A lot of people don’t like to chew gum and some get addicted to the gum. If it is working for you than that is what matters.