Hooked on Nicotine Replacement Therapy

For me I am addicted to nicabate mini losanges! Honestly I struggle with the no smoking thing, but the longest I have been without a nicabate mini in the past 6 months -2 years is a week! Has anybody got any solutions to giving them up or addicted to any other forms of nicotine replacement therapy. I can not take any meds to give up smoking my Skye won’t let me. It’s horrible cause it leaves me broke every pay. At the moment this fortnight I have spent $170!!!


I have no idea why I’m able to start to give up smoking. I was an easy pack a day guy and I LOVE smoking. But one day I accidently only smoked half a pack and then after that less and less. I’m down to two a day now and trying to hold.

I know I would LOVE the gum and the patch too much. I would probably put on all the patches and chew the gum at the same time. I haven’t tried anything but cool turkey bit by bit.

I’m addicted to the gum. Yes, I really like it. More than cigarettes. I have quit smoking before by using the patch. It tapers down the nicotine gradually, and I had only mild discomfort each time I went to a lower dose. Not anywhere as much will power and (climbing the walls) as cold turkey. I quit nicorettes once by gradually substituting sugarfree gum. As with the patch it was relatively painless.

Do they make sugarfree hard candies you might substitute? Maybe cough drops?

The trick is as you might guess not going back after you quit.

Search for vapor, vaping, clearomizers on youtube/google!

Welcome to the future of smoking, vapors! Cheap and 99% healthier! (Only toxic in the liquid is that what you need, nicotine)

I’m vaping and to be honest I don’t miss regular cigarettes, I get that what I need, smoking and nicotine!

Hi, I have been 4 days this is my 5th day of not using nicabate, it’s bloody hard getting through the nerve pain and discomfort but once I bought brauer Nervatona I was right!! So give it a go? I am feeling the benefits from it already!!


My problem is - every time I quit nicotine I pick it back up again.

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