NEXT...after this life

we are all dying too find out…


Scary - but when you believe in heaven it makes it just a little easier!

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Sorry man, I’m in no hurry to leave this life for the next one. I have some loved one’s who I want to see grow up. I don’t care about the next life really… too busy finally enjoying this one.

But I do get the statement now that I think about it… :smile:


I’m not basing this life on a 'life after death" that has not been proven to my satisfaction to exist and may never happen.

@77nick77 My mom and I saw a ghost at the antiques mall. She just looked like a normal lady until she walked through the wall. We could have touched her she was so close! It was really cool!

There is no life after death, thats like saying there is existance after existance.

We leave existence for awhile and then come back to it.

It’s funny how the atheists at times agree with this particular book actually.

We do die, we sleep.

You know a thousand years could go by and you’d think it was five minutes, i did this once as a child, i fell asleep and we drove all the way across country, i opened my eyes and said “wow, we got here fast”. It felt like five minutes had gone by actually, that is what it’s like.

Gotta hate those ancient and interdimensional death sentences right?! I finally knew why, we’re killers, we harm and we kill, alot of the time we do worse than kill to eachother, we also enslave and rob, people are rapists as well and not only sexually but in everyway that can be imagined.

It’s not forever at least right?

I was jealous of spirits for awhile but holy ■■■■ you wouldn’t think it at first but they are doing it to! Just in their own ways.

I’ve been watching a lot of videos on Youtube in which people tell about their near death experiences - people who died and came back. The great majority of these people say that their experience was extremely gratifying and pleasurable. The fundamentalist Christians have gotten on those sites and have posted a lot of hellish near death experiences, but most of these people - ninety per cent - have ecstatic near death experiences. The fundamentalists dearly want to keep the threat of hell in their arsenal. The stories about ecstatic near death experiences have helped me lose my fear of death.

@crimby there is an audio CD set called “Proof of heaven” by Eben Alexander you should check out. It is about a near death experience.

I don’t really want a life after death.

Also, I find the Christian idea of repenting and being forgiven and immediently allowed into heaven for it disturbing to say the least. What about the rapists, murderers, and molesters? I would be pretty upset if I had been raped and there and he was all like “oh I’m so sorry… ect.” No. You hurt me in a huge way and you haven’t even been given a slap on the wrist? And I have to see you walking down the street every day reminding me of what happened?

Sounds more like hell.

In Islam it is more reasonable - God forgives, but you still got to pay for your sins in hell until He sets you free to enter Heaven.
Or put it this way - if you are a believer (in the One God) and a sinner, and repent before you die, you go to Heaven, if you are a believer and a sinner and don’t repent before you die, you go to Hell and then God lets you enter Heaven after your sins have been purged. But if you are an unbeliever and unrepentant you stay in Hell.
So it all depends on if the rapist or murderer or molester repents and believes in One God, but he will pay in one way or another. God does not let sin go unpunished unless you repent and mend your ways before you die.

Hope I didn’t offend anyone with my post!

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