Thoughts on death

Do you believe there is an afterlife?

I’m a little scared of death; I don’t want to be there when it happens.


Yes I do with complete confidence

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I hope so but im unsure.

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Not sure. I sort of hope not. I know I joke around sometimes about being hell bound, but truthfully, I’m worried that I’m a bad person and that I’ll go to hell when I die.

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It’s difficult to believe that it’s really over when it’s over. I believe in an afterlife. When we get into what it is that’s where it gets difficult to picture.

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I believe in reincarnation to some degree.


I’ve seen you post quite a bit of kind comments around here. You’re good in my books.


I have trouble believing in a conscious afterlife. I’d like to think once my body perishes I’ll be part of the universe again. On a molecular level I find it feasible to some extent considering the world itself will someday cease to exist in any relational way.

The planet is massive enough to imagine that there would be some remnant debris floating in space. I’d like to think we are something like that here. Anyway, I want to believe in a conscious afterlife where there is only good, something like the notion of Heaven. I can’t imagine what it’d be like.

I do believe in some form of a higher power (not to get too religious) and if I can’t comprehend why celestial bodies (i.e. planets in solar systems) began to spin then I can’t begin to comprehend what a higher power might be like. I feel it is not my place personally to question such things.

Anyway, I’d like to believe I’ll see my grandparents again someday as well as everyone I’ve loved in life. I somehow doubt it. Spiritually I struggle with the thought. I figure, now is the best time to try to be good, just for the sake of being good, not to earn my place in some afterlife.

Sorry for the long post. It just got me thinking after I ate a salad. (Note the humorous anecdote.)


Mm, I respect anyone’s views on it. At the end of the day no one really knows. And that’s terrifying, so I assume that this life is it, and anything else is just a bonus (unless Christians are right, then ■■■■, I know where I’m going).


I believe something probably unique… I feel if and when one dies they are not dead, but their energy is divided and dissipated into another life span. Then you basically move on in Linear life cycle again with no memories and no knowledge of for exsistance.


I was raised to believe in heaven and hell. I’m unsure what I believe now but I like the idea of reincarnation.

From my episodes, I would say that yes there is something afterlife. However, I choose not to really think on it too much, as we have to live first. An afterlife would just be a bonus.

It would be cruel to be a living thing and then that’s it. I don’t agree with any particular religion.

I have my own views on this, but this is not the place to spread things that could make people more delusional than they already are.

I believe in an afterlife, but i have no clue what it is like. I dont believe in the specific ideas of heaven and hell many churches picture, i suspect it are metaphors. But I do at times fear i will be feeling horrible, because i dont think im a good person. It is my main psychotic theme. I do hope there is heaven for everyone eventually.

I’m a positive nihilist and I believe we are like computers. We live and then when we die we just shut off. Plus I was raised non religious.

I believe in an afterlife.

I don’t know if there’s an afterlife, but I’d like it because there are people I’d like to see again.

I believe that there is an afterlife and that we all have souls. Animals included.

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I don’t believe in an afterlife. I’ve passed out from lack of oxygen before and I assume death is similar.

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I believe there is something beyond the horizon of death. One day I plan to go there and find out what.

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