I'm telling myself things tonight

Like “Death is normal.”. A little-self educating for my changing life.


You’re correct, we all pass away at some point. Life should be enjoyed to the fullest. Though that can be difficult living with sz. It’s still possible though :grin:

The Earth has been around for billions of years , yet us humans usually only live to 75-85 years old.

I’m not religious in any way but I like to believe consciousness is eternal. I have no proof of that but its just something I like to believe in. To ease my fear of death.


Are you alright, Pincushion? I mean, you sound like the terminal ill preparing herself for death.

I am terminally ill and in the care of Hospice. So, it’s normal for me to think as I do.

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Oh, hi pretzel, I remember you, we talked once or twice, good to see you here.

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I very agree with @TheCanuk

Strange is, how many years the universe exists, billions years, and we are here well, max for ~100 years. It’s truły fascinating,

Sometimes I like to wander about god. I mean, I am no sure if he/she exists, but I feel like there should be something which look for us all.

They say we all should not fear death, but in fact it’s not very easy to do so. Death fascinates and scares me sometimes, and I believe 99.9% people fear death at least in some way.

And I like the Yalom’s theory, that even if we disappear from earth when we die, we stay in our closest ones memories. :slight_smile: