New weight loss drug

My nutritionist who is also an MD asked me if I wanted to go on a brand new weight loss med.
It’s called Wegovy and it’s basically a high dose version of Ozempic, the diabetes drug.

She said that it’s a once a week injectable pen but it’s very expensive.
About $1,300 a month without insurance.

I told her that I’d think about it but im not liking the fact that it’s injected under the skin.

I have to lose weight or there’s a good chance that I’ll die soon.


Why do you think you might die soon if you dont lose weight? Are you a hypochondriac like myself?

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Yes I’m a hypochondriac but that’s besides the point.

I have various health issues that are endangering my life.

High blood pressure
High Triglycerides
Type 2 Diabetes
Fatty Liver/gallbladder

Well I think you’ll be fine, you’ll lose some weight and improve your health. I believe in you!


Keep your head up @Wave !

I think you’ll be okay. You’re a fighter. :muscle:


Where do I get a case of this shiz?

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Interesting, but man thats pricey. How much is it with the insurance? Is there any copay?

Thats a lot of health issues but probably no immenent danger. I think you should go for it if you can swing the price, whatever it may be

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Unfortunately I just found out that my insurance plan doesn’t cover this med.
Oh well.

Yeah my insurance plan doesn’t cover it probably because it’s so pricey

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We’ll hijack a truck full. @Aziz, we’ll share some with you for a good alibi. Are you with us?!?


Yep I’m all in! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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