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I saw a story on sundays 60 minutes that talks about a weight loss drug and they had a lady on there whos insurance finally accepted it starting january 2023. I know that i have heard some of you with zyprexa talk about a drug that you guys take for weight loss. With one insurance company covering it will you guys be able to make the argument for your own insurance companies? Someone said that its like 1500 a month without insurance

I saw that clip also. Forget what it was called but they said it was the same kind of drug as some diabetic medication just higher doses.

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They’re called GLP-1 meds (glucagon like peptides) and affect the brain’s perception of hunger. They include semaglutide, liraglutide, and one other that I can’t think of. The brand names are Ozempic, Wegovy, and Saxenda. I’m on Saxenda…my insurance doesn’t cover it but my doc gives me free samples to use. I’ve lost about 50 lbs on it over 2 years, but I have a lot to go. It’s easy to administer, just a daily injection with a tiny needle.


If these r the drugs I think they are, I believe they are dangerous. My aunt’s husband was on one of em for diabetes for years and now has stage 4 cancer (pancreatic or liver, i can’t remember) but i know these drugs carry a warning for one or both of those. Idk why they can’t just come up with a good appetite suppressant that isn’t so dangerous. Maybe some day.

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That kind of drugs seem like a bad idea. They have dangers.

I am new, so I can’t post links. But if you google “natural appetite suppressants” or “foods that suppress appetite” you find food and spices that suppress your appetite and regulate blood sugar and all. Seems healthier to me.

This one. It is type 2 diabetes med.

Weight loss is achieved from 20% exercise & 80% nutrition and 90% of successful weight loss stories from a sample size of greater than 100 people proves it.

Miracle weight loss pills just want your money. Who would really be foolish enough to buy snake oil from the devil?

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